Triple 10X Wild Classic Three Reel Slots Game

This is new three reels and single payline classic slots gamewith quite a interesting twist to it.

Once downloaded, players will notice that it looks a lot like any other 3 reeler game, Ordinarily three reel slots games do not have wild symbols or they might have one wild symbol that pays out reasonably.

The wildest symbols on the planet

Triple 10X Wild is different, very unique and definitely totally wild!, not only does it have a wild symbol, in fact it has two wild that are totally unique. The wilds are recognised by their oval shape with a multiplier written on them, one wild has a 3x on it which means if it lands on the payline it will payout three time the win if part of a win combination, the second wild has a 10X on it which pays out ten times the win.

It Gets Even Wilder!

If more than one wild symbol forms part of the win combination the win can be multiplied by 9 times or even 30 times of the win combination.

Features of Triple 10X Wild

It has a single pay-line, play 1-3 coins

The minimum bet is $0.01 (1 cent)

The maximum bet is 3x $10 ($30)

The 3x and 10x symbols are Wild.

Other games that have wilds

There are other classic 3 reel games that have wilds:

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