Dim Sum Prize Slots

Slot games take their inspiration from all kinds of places. Food is a common theme, although it comes with a downside – it always makes us hungry playing slots like these.

That is true of the new Dim Sum Prize slot game for sure, especially since everything looks so realistic. We have reviewed the selection of steamer baskets and delights to be found on the reels of this game. We’re going to bring you the information you need here.

Developer information you need to know

We bet you’ve heard of Betsoft, right? They are behind the new Dim Sum Prize slot game, so we can only imagine what they had for lunch the day they came up with this game…

Demo option is available

You can try the game before working out whether it would fit with your budget, although we can almost certainly say yes to that. More on bets later in our review, but for the time being we can confirm the demo works identically to the real version.

A dim sum theme to marvel at

Look at those tasty dishes of fish, rice, and other morsels. Dim sum are small individual portions, bite-sized and ready for eating. They look almost real when you see them in action in Dim Sum Prize, but alas, they’re not.

Hang on while we arrange a delivery…

An outstanding design from Betsoft

We’re back – and we can confirm the design is sublime. You can rely on any new Betsoft slot game meeting your lofty requirements, and you won’t be disappointed here.

Getting started with Dim Sum Prize slots

There are five reels to spin here, each giving you three dishes to stare at whenever they stop. There are a couple of other symbols you might see though, so we’ll come to those shortly. We just want to confirm the lack of progressive prizes here.

Right – onto the wild symbol, which is called a Teatime Wild because it is presented as a boiling blue teapot – an ornate one too. Whenever a wild arrives in view, it stays in position for a respin. If more than one arrives in the same spin, you see a number counting down the total respins you have earned. And yes, all the wilds remain in place for those spins.

There is a scatter too, and this is the Crimson Coupon. It has coupon written on it and it is presented in red, of course.

How many paylines are there?

You’ve got 10 fixed lines to bet on with each spin.

Affordable bets for everyone

This is a cool game because you can cover all 10 lines from just five cents. That isn’t five cents per line either – that’s five cents all told. It means just a half cent is playable per line. The biggest total wager is $10.

Paytable information

It tells you more about the scatter and wild symbols and how they work. You can access the paytable under the reels.

Bonus elements in Dim Sum Prize

Look for the Bamboo Basket to appear. This symbol can show up on reels two, three, and four. It comes with a lid which pops right off once the reels have stopped. Inside, you’re either going to find a wild or a scatter.

The wild acts in the normal way by remaining where it is and awarding you a respin. If a Crimson Coupon scatter is found, it won’t do anything unless you already have two other coupons on the reels at the time.

Free spins can be won with those coupons

Your challenge is to find three on the reels at once. When this occurs, five free games are granted. However, before those begin, the coupons turn into Teatime Wilds. They will stay where they fell for all your free games.

New Teatime Wilds also stay put for the five spins, along with awarding the usual respin feature. This means you can get many more than just five spins through this portion of the game.

The RTP has not yet been unveiled

Betsoft may announce it separately but it isn’t anywhere in the rules or paytable portions of the game.

How high does our rating go?

It reaches the lofty heights of 9 out of 10 points. It may not seem the most complex game and it certainly isn’t as involved as many other Betsoft slots. However, it does have interesting free spins and respin features, thanks to those special icons. And don’t forget the Bamboo Basket…

What is the most you could receive for a combo?

The paytable shows you that some dim sum dishes are more expensive than others. You should also know that the paytable prizes change to reflect the bet amount chosen for each spin.

A great demo for entertainment purposes

If all you are looking for is a slot game you can play for enjoyment, Dim Sum Prize is the one to try. It’s a great title and if you’re not too puckish you’re going to enjoy it for sure.

Betsoft casinos offer the real version for paying players

You’ll need to be a member of a casino offering the game to be able to play for real. Look for a deposit bonus – and possibly a special bonus connected to this specific slot, too.

Did you know you can play via a mobile device?

Play on iOS devices or those based on the Android platform. Smartphones and tablets all make this game look tempting. Touchscreen controls are easy to get the hang of but do get started with the demo game first.