Wolf.Bet Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Wolf.Bet Casino

Wolf Bet is a proud Bitcoin casino, and every aspect of this site showcases its tech-friendly thinking. This isn't the type of site to offer the same old - they offer everything a player loves about online casinos, and then add innovative and unusual aspects to the mix. Below we're going to discuss the VIP perks - these perks are exclusive to loyal Wolf.Bet players.

Level Up

Wolf.Bet has a level-up system where players can claim rewards as they climb through the ranks. The higher you climb within their level system, the better the bonus offers. Their ranks are Hunter, Warrior, Lead Warrior, Delta, Beta, and Alpha. As you might have noticed, the ranks relate to being part of Wolf Bets'' wolf pack' system.


Another VIP benefit is Rakeback, which is based on a player's overall turnover along with where they are in terms of the VIP level I just mentioned. The Rakeback is taken out of the house edge, and when you place a bet, the Rakeback will change.

Spin The Wheel

This is a VIP benefit you can quite literally claim daily - every 24 hours players can spin the wheel and be rewarded with coins, depending on both your profit and loss ratio along with past turnover. a VIP member's prizes can be multiplied by 5 times even if you're lucky.

Weekly Deals

Now, besides the specific VIP bonuses, I just mention, there are also weekly deals. By the end of every week, there is a Wolf. Bet bonus session. During this bonus session, prizes are rewarded among their favorite players - the VIP members. Your bonus will be dependent upon your losses. To participate in this, check the Bonus Codes page on Fridays, there will be a bonus waiting for you! While VIP bonuses are great, you might be wondering if there are regular bonuses any player can claim - and there are! They have offers known as universal offers, which all players can snatch a piece of.

Wagering Races

Wolf Bet is always hosting a wagering contest known as Wolf Race. This bonus is available every 24 hours, and folks can split $1,000 in this race amongst the top fifty players. They also have a wagering race on Wednesdays, where the prize pot is increased to $5,000.

Social Media Giveaways

If you're addicted to sharing every moment of your life on social media like I am, you'll want to participate in their trivia game giveaways. Just head over to their Twitter page, they're always hosting competitions on there, along with giveaways.

Chat Prizes

One thing that's unique about Wolf Bet is their chat. I've tried out many online casinos in my day, and not all of them offer this unique feature. You can chat with fellow Wolf Bet users and win special perks along the way. The moderators are always hosting chat quizzes where you can boost your balance. If you make it a habit to chat regularly, you'll win other prizes. For example, they have Chat Rain, where every 20 minutes prizes are awarded to players who are most active within the chat.