Jungle King Slots

The Jungle King slots game is an exciting game to that has hit the circuit of online gameland. This video slots game has all you need to have a lot of fun, with twenty five paylines on five reels; your imagination can run wild as you traipse through the jungle, it almost like stumbling on a Tarzan movie set. Let your explorer spirit run wild download the software or play the flash version, it’s all the same, the graphics are wild, vivid, extremely colorful. Come live it up and have some awesome gaming fun.

Without the right coins you can’t bet

Play one penny or ten dollars on a payline, big gamers or small bankroll have an equal chance to play on all the paylines. The maximum bet will obviously be 25 coins with 25 paylines depending on the value of the coin you play you can go up to a maximum of $250. The highest award is 7,500 coins or $75,000.

The symbols are what make the game enticing

It is without a doubt that that people are attracted to great graphics and this slots game has plenty of that. No respectable jungle will be without the wonderful monkey who gets up to so many tricks, the tigers that stalk the night and a butterfly. Flowers decorate the scene beautifully to complete the ‘Jungle Scene’ as you wonder into the Jungle so pay homage to the Big chief, he may offer you some surprising bonuses.

Wilds are always popular with slots gamers

Everyone loves the wilds, and the Big Chief is not exception, as he substitutes for any of the symbols to complete a winning combination. When the big chief helps in the creation of a winning combination the prize is multiplied by two.

The Big chief also triggers the bonus round

When this Big Chief appears on the first and fifth reels then the bonus round is activated. You will be faced with nine jungle squares as well as a prize table. Start your selection of the jungle squares, continue until there are three or more symbols that are the same prize, that will trigger a win of the prize. There is the possibility of winning three bonus rounds during the game. The music in this section is really atmospheric, it will help transport you to this magical world.

Find the scatters to get the winnings

The picturesque jungle scene symbol is the scatter, and they an be scattered all over the reels. If these charming scatters are displayed across the reels on more than one occasion you winnings will be multiplied. When exposing three up to five scatters across the reels will impressively multiply 1, 5, 20 or up to 200 times your entire stake. In addition to the wild and scatter you can watch for the tiger, it can net you up to 3750 coins. All the other symbols have their various payouts check the paytable.

To gambol your stake or not to gamble

Each time you win a prize, big or small, you will be given a choice of using the gamble feature. You will see a button at the bottom giving our two choices play double or nothing by guessing the color of the card that follows, or you can choose the suit of the next card. Your choice is only four cards, but you have the choice to risk all or nothing. Think carefully and make the right choice. Download now or play the flash game without a download. either way you on to a winner.