Mexican Slots

If you are looking for an online casino slot that allows you to simply sit back and enjoy the game play without getting too involved in the bones of the game, then Mexican Slots will be a perfect fit for your game-playing needs. Mexico is well known for its food, its art scene, its music, and its language, among other things. Since Mexico is the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world, bits and pieces of Mexican culture have sifted into the lives of people all over the world. When you feel the need to experience a bit of Mexican culture, why not have some fun at the same time?

Have You Tried Mexican Slots?

How about a great game with a Mexican theme to make you feel a bit closer to the land of quesadillas and fiestas? Mexican Slots is one of the newest video slots releases from game developer CTXM, and this classic slots game is both enjoyable and simple to understand.

A Virtual Mexican Village Awaits You

You may want to listen to some Mariachi music while playing this three reel, one payline slot game. The well-designed background graphics are an archetypal Mexican village, with sand, adobe buildings, palm trees, and a clay toned mountain range. To the left of the three reels is the paytable, which explains wins and payouts. Reel icons are bright and nicely detailed. They include a bottle of Tequila, a Sombrero-ed Gentleman, a trio of Red Hot Peppers, a Cactus, a Pretty Senorita, a Guitar, a Burro, and a pair of Maracas. Each of these reel symbols as a different value, and players must match up the symbols in order to win prizes.

Wagering Info for Mexican Slots

Those who enjoy playing classic slots such as Mexican Slots will quickly settle in with this game. Penny slot players are also right at home musing themselves in old Mexico. It is always a smart plan to play all three lines when you are so that you are eligible to win the biggest prizes. Allowed coin sizes range from $0.01 up to $5.00. Players may bet either one, two, or three coins, and the maximum bet is $15.00. Mexican Slots does not have a Bonus feature.

Painless Paintable Makes Game Play Fun

The Paytable on the left tells players how many credits they will obtain if they wager one, two, or three coins. You will also see a Value box, which tells players the worth of one credit. There is also a Bet box to show the value of the entire bet in credits, and a Win box that shows the winning amount, if any, after each spin. If you are ready for some fantastic Mexican fun, play Mexican Slots today at your favourite online casino.