What is a Bitcoin Casino?

A Bitcoin casino is casinos or betting venues that accept digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a means of paying by depositing Bitcoins and/or that pays out winnings to punters using Bitcoin. Just like a site accepting foreign currencies, all payments are processed according to the current exchange rate of the chosen currency. Some of the land-based venues also take Bitcoin, although ti does not happen often however its at the discretion of individual casinos.

Bitcoin Casino Explained

Bitcoin is a digital currency, Bitcoins are created by ‘mining’ data when using computers to locate chains of numbers, thes can be traded for services and goods. Anyone can make use of the Bitcoin system, and can be traded for other currencies, such as, flatt currency like USD or for other crypto-currtencies like Litecoin and others. Bitcoin can be used to purchase goods and services on the open market, this includes casinos and betting shops.

Satoshidice, SlotoBit, StrikeSapphire, and BitLotto are examples ofsome of the online betting services using Bitcoin exclusively or accept Bitcoin payments as well as other payment forms. Most of the Bitcoin casinos will accept deposits and pay out player’s winnings in Bitcoin.Look for casinos that accept Bitcoin for wagering and other services.

There is still a debate how legal or safe Bitcoin gambling is. One of the advantages for player using Bitcoin it is completely untraceable, which means players remain anonymous when conducting transactions, which means using crypto-currencies to place wagers means there is little chance of a player’s accounts being hacked, as they can be with flat currencies through credit cards and other wallets.