The $750,000 M life Invitational Slot Tournament at Bellagio Casino

Bellagio Casino welcoms poker players to enter into their exciting $750,000 M life Invitational Slot Tournament

Starting on August 20 through to August 22, 2019.

A $500 buy-in secures your seat.

This is a joint Multi-resort spectacular, players will be competing in a 50-person tournaments with different resorts participating.

Five well known resorts will participate: The Bellagio®, The ARIA®, The MGM Grand®, The Mandalay Bay® and The Mirage® are joining forces to host this multi-resort slots spectacular. The more tournaments each resort has means that the Grand Finale Prize will be larger. The $500 entry fee will see each player get into all the action and multiple chances of winning!

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The Bellagio Tournament Prize Structure

  • 1st Place is $20,000 CASH prize plus a Grand Finale Entry
  • 2nd Place is $5,000 in FREEPLAY® plus a Grand Finale Entry
  • 3rd Place is $4,000 in FREEPLAY plus a Grand Finale Entry
  • 4th Place is $2,500 in FREEPLAY
  • 5th Place is $1,000 in FREEPLAY
  • 6th – 10th Place is $300 each in FREEPLAY
  • 11th – 50th Place is $100 each in FREEPLAY

The Grand Finale

The top three players plus three Wild Cards from each resort’s 50-person tournament will move to the Grand Finale to be held at Mandalay Bay.

Players receive an additional Wild Card drawing ticket, for each 1,500 M life points that are earned at any Las Vegas M life resort.

The Grand Finale Prize Structure

  • The Grand Prize is $75,000 CASH
  • 2nd Place get $50,000 in FREEPLAY
  • 3rd Place gets $25,000 in FREEPLAY
  • 4th Place gets $10,000 in FREEPLAY
  • 5th Place gets $5,000 in FREEPLAY
  • 6th Place gets $3,000 in FREEPLAY
  • 7th Place gets $2,500 in FREEPLAY
  • 8th Place gets $2,000 in FREEPLAY
  • 9th Place gets $1,000 in FREEPLAY
  • 10th Place gets $500 in FREEPLAY
  • 11th – 20th Place gets $300 each in FREEPLAY
  • 21st – 50th Place gets $100 each in FREEPLAY

This Grand Finale Prize Structure will be based on a total of 750 participants, any additional entry fees will be added on to the Grand Finale Prize which could increase the final Grand Finale Prize.

For more information and rules contact the Casino.