Annual Grammy Awards

Bovada Casino is the place to go when you want decent odds and want to place a bet. For example, when the 60th Annual Grammy Awards Ceremony took place, players wanted to bet on which nominees would win for Album of the Year, Best New Artist, Song of the Year, and Record of the Year. Not only did players place bets but Bovada upped the ante by offering a free 50% bonus. It was definitely the place to get your entertainment odds.

Entertainment betting started off for sportsbooks to bring in bettors but soon discovered that people wanted to bet on TV shows and other entertainment categories. The most popular entertainment betting includes the Oscars, the Grammy Awards, and a lot of reality TV shows, like American Idol, the X-factor, and the Voice. By the same token, Strictly Come Dancing in the UK, and Dancing with the Stars in the US offer up the same type of betting format, with an overall winner and a weekly elimination.

TV and movies isn't the only thing Bovada offers bets on. Bet on awards that are wager-friendly including the Nobel Prize Awards, the Turner Prize in Art, and the Booker Prize in literature and the Sports Personality of the Year award in the UK. Bovada loves novelty bets too, such as celebrity baby names or celebrity break-ups.