NJ Bill for the Online Casinos

On January 10, the state of New Jersey passed a bill that many are calling historical. This bill concerns online gambling, and is the impetus needed for New Jersey to become the very first online gambling jurisdiction in the United States that is completely legal. It is now perfectly all right for New Jersey gamers to enjoy favorites such as Party Night slots from the comfort of their homes if they so desire.

What the NJ Bill Comprises

The bill is known as the A-2570. It allows those who have a license to operate a casino online to do just that without fear of reprisal. These operators may provide the general Internet public with online casino games, including online poker. Games such as baccarat, red dog, blackjack, big six wheel, craps, sic bo, roulette, pai gow poker, and slot machines are all included in the bill. A-2570 was to be approved back in December along with a sports betting bill, but amendments were made to the bill in New Jersey, causing its final vote to be delayed. Senator Raymond Lesniak sponsored this bill.

Signing of the Bill

Those who enjoy online gambling and games like the City of Gold slot game and the Funky Chicken slot game were very pleased when they learned that Bill A-2570 was approved with a large majority of the vote. New Jersey governor Chris Christie is expected to carry out the final signing of the bill at the earliest date possible. The governor legally has a 45-day period in which to place his signature on this bill to approve it. If for some reason the governor does not take the required action to make the A-2570 bill legal and binding, it will be as if he had judged it so, and the bill would then become law.

What the A-2570 Bill Will Do

Gamers worldwide agree that the approval of this online gambling bill is truly a major landmark in the history of online gambling. Of course, there is always the chance with a bill of this nature that the governor will reject it. However, the bipartisan support of the Assembly must be noted here. Governor Christie would need to have several very exceptional reasons for not signing A-2570. His constituents will not let him forget the claims of many that state the bill stands to generate 500 high tech jobs for the state. In times such as these, 500 new jobs would be most welcome, and would also add to the state's coffers exponentially. Since gambling revenues fell 9.6% during the year 2010, the passage of this bill seems necessary to bring business back to Atlantic City casinos.