City of Gold Slots

City of Gold takes you on an adventure through the steaming jungles of South America in search of lost temples and forgotten treasures. If you're successful, you'll discover piles of golden coins and priceless jewels, effectively set up for life. Well, that's not too far off the mark, actually: City of Gold is a game with a $180,000 top prize, which we thing qualifies as a pile of coins alright. It also has a bonus free spins feature that basically gives money away. Get your explorer's hat on, and try City of Gold Slots today - you need travel only as far as your nearest online casino.

City of Gold Slots - The Mayan Way

Relax, you won't need a machete to slash your way through any jungle undergrowth. Finding treasure is as simple as giving the reels a few spins. Here's how this works. To win cash, you place a bet that the symbols on the reels are going to line up with each other. To make this easier, you get to define how it will happen. Specifically, you're not limited to a center pay line - your lineup doesn't need to occur in the middle of the screen. There are 25 different lines that run from left to right, making it far easier to hit a winning combo. Just select as many lines as you want to play, and spin!

There's a Rumble in the Jungle

In line with the traditional design of five reel video slots, the symbol set begins with five playing cards. These are good wins to land, but there are bigger ones in store. Cracking a combo of Tree Frogs, for instance, is worth double what any Card brings, as are the various Plants. But for the truly epic cash wins, you want the Ancient Temple, the Golden Necklace, the Golden Arch and the Golden Mask. The Temple is particular useful, because it's both the top winning symbol and the game's Substitute - either creating wins or making them bigger.

Big Bars of Bonus Gold

City of Gold is a game that likes to give away free extra cash, and it does this through the use of a Free Spins bonus round. This gets triggered when at least 3 Golden Arch symbols appear. But many video slot games have a free spins feature, so what's so special about this one? Well, apart from the fact that it can be re-triggered, everything you win during the free spins round gets a multiplier attached to it. Simply put - you triple your winnings!