Mr Cashman Slot Game

Mr. Cashman is a branded character invented by Aristocratic gaming dating back to the early 1990's. His smiling face was seen on many land-based slots games and would appear totally at random awarding one of three bonuses. Today Mr. Cashman is still around but now offers one of five different bonuses when appearing on screen. He is little yellow ball of fun with a smiling face and is always welcome on any slots game especially as he can give some fabulous bonus games. Whether playing for fun or real money, on a mobile game, an online game or even at the Aristocratic land-based casinos, Mr. Cashman can appear and award extra offers for the player that not only enhance the game but also add time and money prolonging the time that players enjoy the game.

Random Bonus Games from Mr. Cashman

Mr. Cashman will walk out on to the screen totally at random in the middle of a game and offer one of the five incredible bonuses that he holds. Mr. Cashman walking out on the screen and waving his hands at the win meter will give players up to 2500 coins in extra credits. Or the player can win random spins where Mr. Cashman is seen walking out and either by passing reels or making a point of stopping at certain reels which will keep spinning for as long as he is on the screen. At the end of the re-spins Mr. Cashman exits at the right-hand side of the screen and before he does, he will throw a random multiplier of 3x, 5x or 10x that will be awarded for all winnings earned in the re-spins.

Free Spins, Free Credits and More from Mr. Cashman

The Mr. Cashman Poker machine bonus is given when Mr. Cashman appears on a new screen in front of a three-reel slots game and will pull the lever of the game, that looks like a traditional one-armed bandit slots game. The outcome of the game is the reward given to the player. Mr. Cashman offers a special bonus choice feature game where he is seen at the front of a stage with the curtain closed holding a gift box and a bag of money. The player wins either the gift box that gives him free spins with multipliers or he wins the money in the bag. In the gift box the player can win 5,10,15, or 20 free spins with a multiplier of 2x, 3x or 5x for all winnings earned. And lastly, what some consider the most rewarding and fun of the Mr. Cashman random bonuses is the Match the prize bonus. This sees Mr. Cashman appearing on a screen with a starry bonus and the player has to touch different stars until he can match the same star. This bonus game either awards random credits or free spins. If the player wins 5 free spins all winnings are multiplied 5x, if the player wins 10 free spins all winnings are multiplied 3x, if the player wins 20 free spins all winnings are doubled and if the player wins 40 free spins, all winnings are given at face value. Each of the bonus games from Mr. Cashman are in addition to the general playing of the slots games that he appears in and are awarded totally at random. The random nature of Mr. Cashman makes him even more welcome when he appears and definitely more sought after, adding excitement and spice to each game.