Play Lucky 6 Slots at Silver Oak Casino

It isn’t very often you come across a game with more than five reels in play. However, the title of this particular online slot might give you a clue as to what’s in store when you play.

Lucky 6 comes from the RealTime Gaming stable, so you can expect a great playing experience when you give it a try.

How many reels and paylines can you expect with this game?

Yes, you guessed it – this slot has six reels in play. It looks a little strange to start with but you’ll soon get used to it. There are only 10 paylines in action though, which is far less than you might be used to.

What kinds of bets can you make?

The smallest bet is very small indeed, just a cent. But you can go as high as 50 cents per line if you want to.

Does Lucky 6 offer up any special symbols?

It does, and the bright rainbow symbol is the wild. This doubles up the value of any line prize it appears as part of.

Unusually, there are six scatter symbols in this game. Each one appears on its own reel. From left to right, they spell LUCKY6, the name of the game. Get three scatters and you’ll double your line bet on a winning line. Get all six and you’ll multiply your winning bet by x30.

Is there a bonus level to unlock?

There is, and it is called the Lucky 6 bonus. This involves getting free spins, and the perks you will get depend on how many scatters you get on the reels.

For example, get four scatters and win eight free spins, along with the chance of grouped wilds on the middle two reels. Grouped wilds, extra wilds, prize multipliers and additional pots of gold can also be triggered depending on the number and positioning of the scatters you get.

Try your luck with Lucky 6 slots today!

The main feature in this game is the assortment of scatter symbols that can pop up at any time. If you get some on the first few reels, it takes a little longer for the rest of the reels to stop. This adds to the fun and excitement as you play.

Try Lucky 6 slots today to experience the thrill of playing slots with six reels in play!