NetEnt Announces Their New Mobile Live Casino - NetEnt Live

The new NetEnt’s live casino players are being offered a chance of joining an exclusive club of innovation, flexibility and differentiation.

NetEnt has designed and developed their games together in collaboration with real players to ensure the they experience the ultimate entertainment from their games. The NetEnt Live games are offering a totally new and very unique user experience to satisfy the needs and the demands of their high profile casino players, and the user-friendly interface is easy to navigate and well understood by new players.

Their unique Chroma key technology will allow a seamless integration of the live HD images, and will allow the empowering of the brand to be displayed on each casino’s personal environment – giving the casino’s the opportunity for them to be unique and stand out from their competitors.

Added to this is the professional dealers, who will give players a true live casino experience at home or on the go.

The NetEnt Live Roulette

NetEnt’s live Roulette is a game changer. They have created a Roulette game for mobile that has an easy-to-use interface with an outstanding streaming solution, this is perfectly synchronized video and audio that guarantees a seamless player experience. Players can enjoy laying in landscape or portrait mode, plus the freedom to be able to view video stream or felt o during the gameplay.

Players can also place bets during the spin, like at any land-based casino. This feature is appreciated by seasonal players.

The NetEnt Live Roulette is also available to players in multiple languages on their mobile or desktop, it comes with a large variety of branding options that compliment a fully localized live gaming portfolio.

Why not try your mobile an play Live Roulette!

The NetEnt Live Blackjack

This is a true casino classic, the Live Blackjack for desktops come with incredible graphics and an innovative user interface.

It has a crisp streaming quality with low latency, this is real-time interaction and cant get more thrilling ‘as real as it gets’ like the land-based experience makes their live casino the best in the industry. The games offer table statistics and full on-screen history of a dealer’s last 10 hands – two examples of pf the innovative features to create a fair and enjoyable player experience.

The game comes with a wide-range of table limits on multiple tables that guarantee sufficient seats for players that seek a quality table games experience.

The NetEnt Live Blackjack dealers are friendly, very charismatic, and players can be assured that the dealers are they are all trained to the highest standards.

The NetEnt Live Common Draw Blackjack

This is completely unique in the gaming industry, their Live Common Draw Blackjack table designed for desktop. Players can have hundreds of players, using multiple currencies at any time all at the same time – the beauty of this is that it can cater for unlimited number of players at each table, therefore no player will be disappointed.

The scalable version is available as a low limit Blackjack, giving players a perfect opportunity to be able to enjoy card games while they wait for a seat at the standard 7-box Live Blackjack table.

The tailored branding opportunities and the unique design are some of the features that make the game a perfect fit for NetEnt’s excellent Live Gaming portfolio.