BetCris Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Betcris Casino aims to deliver you excitement either via their casino or their sportsbook section, where you can make live bets on esports, known sports leagues, or play some classic casino games like slots, table games, video poker, bingo, or keno! They even have special promotions for the casino section available. They have stacked their library with amusing titles like Arthur's Realm, Railway Riches, Fruity Fortune, Bounty Hunters, Legend of Hercules, Knight's Conquest, Pirates Revenge, Serpent's Treasure, Retro Sci-fi, Victory Lane, and others!


While Betcris also has a fantastic casino, they have an astonishing list of sports covered like soccer, NFL Football, horse racing, boxing, golf, ESports, CFL Football, martial arts, Kentucky Derby,, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, and college football to name a few. They cover most major events, like the NBA Playoffs, the Super Bowl, Sweet 16 Tournament. You can also bet on popular entertainment-based events, such as the Oscars.

Horse Racing

BetCris has a special loyalty program feature where with each deposit you make, you can earn 8% cashback on all qualifying Betis. The cashback is available on more than 100 U.S racetracks and all major horse racing events.

Initial Deposit Bonus

So you've made a smart decision and joined the wonderful BetCris casino and made your first deposit! You'll be happy to hear you'll receive a 100% casino bonus to play all of your favorite slot and keno games. To claim this promotion, use the code CRISSL100. This promotion needs to be requested, so contact the casino's customer service either through live chat or via email at on the same day you deposit. This bonus is valid only for your initial deposit! The minimum deposit for this promotion is 100$ while the maximum bonus is 250$. Your maximum payout is 1000$ and this promotion comes with a 35x rollover. This casino bonus will expire after 72 hours, so it's most valuable for immediate use.

Classic Level Bonus

Betcris is offering an alluring 10% Casino bonus on your favorite games of keno and slots! Just deposit and get your 10% using the code CLAS-SL10. This promotion will need to be requested via customer service live chat, or even through email at in the same way you make the deposit. The minimum deposit for this bonus is 100$ while the maximum bonus is 250$ and the maximum payout is 500$! This bonus comes with a 35x rollover and the bonus expires after 72 hours.

Bronze Level Bonus

This bonus is similar to the 10% bonus mentioned above. Deposit now and you'll get 20% to be used on slots and keno, with the code BRON-SL20! This bonus will need to be claimed through live chat or email on the same day as the deposit. Just make a minimum deposit of 100$. The maximum payout for this promotion is 750$ and the maximum bonus is 250$. This bonus comes with a 35x rollover, and this bonus can only be accessed through desktop or laptop computers, and not on mobile devices. You'll have 72 hours before the casino bonus expires.

Silver Level Bonus

Deposit and get a 30% casino bonus for keno and slots using the code PLAT-SL30! Like the previous bonuses, you'll need to request it through live chat or email, as the bonus isn't instantly deposited into your account. You'll need to claim it the same day as the deposit. The minimum deposit is 100$ and the maximum bonus is 250$. The maximum payout for this bonus is 1000$ and the bonus is subject to a 35x rollover. This bonus expires after 72 hours.

Gold Level Bonus

Deposit and grab yourself the ultimate casino bonus at Gold Level! Deposit and get 50% for slots and keno, using the code GOL-SL50. You'll need to request this promotion through live chat or email. The minimum, deposit is 100$ and the maximum bonus is 250$. The maximum payout is 1500$ for the Gold Level Bonus. This bonus comes with a 35x rollover and expires after 72 hours.

New Games

Whenever Betcris adds new games to their catalog, playing them means more rewards for players. Just check out the new games section and play the titles suggested! Make sure to check out the terms and conditions, because some new player rewards are limited to select countries.


Betcris always has some exciting tournaments going on. Compete for a portion of the prizes available and be one of the lucky 20 or 30 winners! Each tournament is different and they are changing weekly, so just visit the tournaments section to learn more.

Refer-A-Friend Program

If you have friends looking to join a quality casino and sportsbook, you might as well refer them and earn some benefits from it! The Refer-A-Friend program rewards you for every friend who joins Betcris. You'll be able to pocket a nice $500 in your account for every friend you refer. Referring to your friends is easy! Just log in to your account, click the "Refer-A-Friend" banner and choose from the available ways to invite your friends, like links, WhatsApp, or even old-fashioned email. Your friend will receive the invite and need to open their account at Betcris through that link. Your invite comes with a unique referral code, to ensure you are paid.

Live Betting

Live betting at last! Enjoy lines updated monthly and experience the thrill for yourself. You can make bets on popular leagues like the NBA, NFL Football (Soccer), and more while watching your favorite televised sports event. Your wagers are graded and your account is credited in real-time.

Betcris Arena

This is a loyalty program, perfect for sports fans. As you accumulate points, you'll be rewarded with prizes and benefits. All the points you accumulate can be exchanged in the store. As you accumulate the points, you climb through the twelve levels of the loyalty program. You can redeem your loyalty points for products, like free plays and even cash. Plus, the Betcris Arena is observant. As you climb up the levels, you'll receive personalized benefits based on your gameplay.