< Have you encountered any Playtech games on your travels from one online casino to another? If not, you are missing out. Playtech announce themselves on their website as the ‘source of success’, and while you might think they are claiming too much, we can confirm they back up that claim with some solid facts.

Playtech is home to some of the most popular online slot games around. They’ve released other titles too, but it is in the world of slots that they truly excel. Once you try some of their games – and perhaps even most of them – we would find it hard to believe you won’t include many of your favorites in their collection.

5 Reel Slots

3 Reel Slots

Do you love a sequel?

So does Playtech. If you have tried Age of the Gods, for example, you might be surprised to learn there are no fewer than six sequels to this. Check out Goddess of Wisdom and Fate Sisters – just two of those six exciting games to try.

You’ve also got Captain’s Treasure and Captain’s Treasure Pro, Desert Treasure and Desert Treasure II, and plenty more great examples too.

Familiar characters and stars also appear

The might of Playtech has led to some appealing agreements between the company and several notable copyright holders. This has led to a whole slew of games featuring familiar movie and TV characters. Watch out for The Six Million Dollar Man, The Matrix, Rocky, The Pink Panther, Baywatch, and Ace Ventura Pet Detective among other examples.

Go 3D in a big way

Perhaps one of the greatest innovations in the world of online slots in recent times has been the advent of 3D titles. When these are done well, as they always are by Playtech, you can expect a fully-immersive experience that is second to none.

Fortune Hill is just one example of how much fun these titles are. You get the opening scene to give you a clue about how the game theme will develop, and it is a pleasure to watch. The background is very detailed and since the reels are superimposed over that background, the game enjoys even more depth. The game also features one of the more unusual elements Playtech is known for. In this case, we’re talking about the water wheel on the right.

Playtech can always be counted upon to deliver sensational slots we think you will love. Give them a try now and see just how good they are.