Texan Tycoon Slots

Do you ever remember reading in history books about the guys that found black gold? Well...Realtime Gaming casinos is paying tribute to these folks by adding Texas Tycoon Slots to their growing line of Texas Tea slot series. Texan Tycoon Slots offer five reels and 25 pay lines and has a top jackpot of 15,000 coins! Not too shabby considering you can play for a little as a penny and as much as five bucks per spin. There are also some 38 winning combinations to wait on.

The Tycoon says it all!

The Tycoon is the big cheese in this slot game...who would have ever guessed that the Tycoon would be the Wild symbol? Anytime that you see this symbol you should be prepared for a big win! When you get the Tycoon your win will be multiplied by at least two and up to ten times. But...that's not all...five trucks can get you 10,000 when you use the multiplier...the possibilities are endless. The Scatter symbol is the Oil Well...get five on the reels and you win 200 times what you wagered. Get three Oil Wells and its time to start raking in the Free Spins...it is very easy to get up to 25 free spins...and remember all wins are tripled during free spin plays. Other symbols that are used in Texan Tycoon Slots are the Cash symbols and the Vintage Car...also used are the nine through Ace of a standard playing card deck...but even they are lined in diamonds.

Seek out the multipliers!

Strategically, if you use the ten time multiplier in conjunction with the free spin triple win you could walk away with 45,000 coins...even better...if you played the max wager this equals a quarter million bucks respectively. The free spins can be re-triggered.

A Random jackpot?

There is also a random jackpot when you play Texan Tycoon Slots. There will be at least a grand in it at all times but you can win it anytime and there are no other restrictions placed on it. It is just random! It is very hard...if even possible to find a slot game that is not a progressive jackpot that will dish out as much cash as Texan Tycoon Slots does.

It is not very often that you can rub elbows with the filthy rich. Get yourself involved in a little Texas black gold and some Texas Tea and you might find yourself to be one of the rich guys instead.