Age to Gamble Online

The legal age to gamble online depends on your area of residence. While some enjoy bonus slot machines and other casino games at age at 18, other areas require you to be 21 before you can gamble with real money at favorite sites like Real Deal Slots.

Age Requirement to Gamble in the United States and Canada

Gambling laws vary from area to area. Many states require you to be of legal drinking age before you can enter a casino or gamble online. However, there are a few states that allow you to play your favorite online bonus slot machines at the age of 18. Those states include:

The legal age to gamble online in Canada is 18 in Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec. Remaining areas of Canada require you to be 19 before you can gamble online.

European Age Requirements to Gamble Online

Residents of the United Kingdom must reach the age of 18 before playing popular slots and other online casino games. The same is true of many other countries like Denmark, Finland, France and Germany. Spain bans anyone 18 or younger from their casinos. In Portugal, you must be 21. Greece sets their age limit on casino gambling at 23 years of age.

Know the Age Restrictions in Other Areas of the World

In much of Asia, the legal age to gamble is 18. The same is true of Australia and South Africa. In New Zealand, you must be 20 before you can enter a casino. Head to Puerto Rico and you'll need to be 21 before you meet the age requirement to gamble online.

Feeling Lucky? Try Ignoring the Age Requirement to Gamble

If you are underage, feel free to play today's popular slots, but realize you will be playing online using play cash. Online casinos based in countries outside the United States often let you play with real money, however, they must check your age before distributing winnings. If you are not legal in your state or country, you run the risk of losing your winnings and possibly being banned from that site.

Check Your Favorite Online Casino and Ask about Age Restrictions

It's always best to visit your favorite online casino and look up their age requirements to gamble online. Laws change frequently, so it's always best to find out before you gamble. If you cannot find the answer in their FAQ section or Terms of Service, email or call their support staff.

Imagine winning a jackpot prize and then learning you are underage and not entitled to the winnings. Prevent the disappointment by being proactive by researching the legal age to gamble online.