South African Online Casino Player Legality

In 1965, South Africa’s Gambling Act was enacted, which limited the legalities of gaming in the country. In 2004, the National Gambling Act of 2004 was enacted and banned online gambling. Yet, there are still ways South Africans can legally enjoy online gaming. The way to get around the legality issues involving South African online gambling is to look closer at the laws.

The laws themselves target the online casinos, yet not the individual players. The responsibility of maintaining the law rests completely on the banks that process the payments for the casinos. Individuals have never been prosecuted for engaging in the act of online gaming in South Africa. Online casinos often get around this by being located in a country outside of South Africa, disallowing them from being held as engaging in criminal activity. Players who are interested in playing South African online casino games must utilize only casinos with excellent reputations. These high quality casinos offer safe and legal online gambling.

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