Roll Up for a New Style Hi Lo Game

Play Mystic Shuffle Hi Lo now! There are no doubt plenty of slots games you can try online. Take the Big Foot slot game for example - a game that really packs some excitement into the play.

But sometimes it is nicer to find something altogether different and new. You'll find just that when you try out the new format of the Hi Lo game that Bodog has in store for you. It's called Mystic Shuffle Hi Lo, and as you'll see it is definitely worth giving it a shot!

How do you play the game?

It starts by choosing a card from the five that will appear on your screen. You have three options and you can choose one of the three as they appear. You then start the game.

It's worth mentioning that right at the beginning you will select your initial bet. This could be anything from 20p upwards, so you can see it's a game worth playing for everyone.

How do you progress once you have your starting card?

It's easy - you have five guesses, each one worth a certain sum if you get the right answer. You can guess high, low, same, red or blue - the latter two being the two colors the card can be.

Needless to say it's good if you can start with a high or low card, because you have a better chance of guessing right if you go the opposite way!

How long does the game play for?

It all depends on you! As you play you will see your winnings mounting up in the right corner of the screen at the bottom. You will also spot a collect button underneath which you can press at any time to collect the winnings you have had so far.

Is there a bonus feature?

Yes, you'll also get bonus cards at various intervals throughout the game. You'll see they give you a bonus amount so watch the screen to see whether you could win more by claiming your cash after a successful guess!

Download and play the Mystic Shuffle Hi Lo game today!

There has never been a better example of a Hi Lo game than the Mystic Shuffle game. It's easy to try it for free and for fun to begin with, and you can switch to paid play to win real prizes whenever you like.

Is today the day you'll guess correctly and win some prizes?