Online Casino Slots Differences

Online slot players never have to worry again about slot choices being limited like it was back in the day when your only choice was the traditional one armed bandit. These were the first kinds of slots and the themes were limited to either bars and diamonds or fruits and they all had one pay line. Now there are so many choices you may not know where to start. There are three reel, five reel and seven reel slot games, there are progressive slot games, i-slots, bonus slots, and video slots.

Progressive slots

Progressive slots are all the rave. These slots accumulate cash each time that a player wagers his money. A percentage will go towards the ante and it will continue to grow until won. These slots are networked together and may not necessarily even be from the same machine or casino. This is why progressive jackpots are huge and often life changing and they are won more frequently too. A progressive jackpot slot machine usually requires that maximum coins to be played for the jackpot to payout to its full potential.

Bonus slots

Bonus slots are machines that offer the extra bonus round where even more cash can be won. These styles of games have a tendency to sometimes be related to skill levels rather than on luck alone. Bonus features include random games where you can win bonus coins, multipliers, and free spins.

Multi line and single line slots

Now, when you look at the multi line slots and the single line slots these generally require you to bet only once while waiting for different winning combinations to show. Symbols are typically diagonal, straight across, and up and down. Most of the three reel slots pay out a single win whereas the five reels have multi line payouts. Usually there are about ten winning combinations and wagers range from a penny to five bucks a spin. Normally, you will see the most wins on a multi line slot game and there is also a lot of action going on too.


I-slots are slots and entertainment all rolled up into one. They have a fun story line that people want to follow. They will continue to play to find out how the story ends. There are numerous slots on the market today; there is no doubt about that. Give them all try and you will find one that is especially interesting. Have fun!