Ways to Win vs. Paylines

Slots games are made up of reels and paylines, well they were until recently when some of the leading software producers such as Microgaming, introduced a new way of playing slots which was ways to win. Instead of having set paylines on a slots game there are now configurations or ways to win.

A Whole New Era of Gaming With Ways to Win

Ways to win provide a whole new era and experience for slots games. Not only do you have more chances of winning with ways to win as there are more configurations but the whole gaming experience becomes more exciting. The way that the ways to win system of slots works is that instead of set paylines where symbols have to appear on these set paylines, the symbols can appear randomly on the screen as long as there are two or more of them on the screen then awards are given. You cannot see the winning ways you just have to work according to the symbols and hope that with each spin you will gain more and more winnings. The ways to win offers many more chances than playing with set paylines but the only disadvantage if you can think of it like that is that the coin sizes tend to be much lower for these games because there are so many different winning options.

Dolphin Quest Offers 3125 Ways to Win

Download and Play Dolphin Coast SlotsOne of the latest slot games from Microgaming is Dolphin Coast. Dolphin Coast is a lively underwater themed slots game with colorful fish and of course the dolphin as the main character. Instead of paylines, Dolphin Coast offers an incredible 3125 ways to win which is more than any other slots game to date. But, the coin sizes are low, you can either choose $0.01 or $0.02 but then again with 3125 ways to win you still have plenty of chances and you can still win enormous amounts. Dolphin Coast also has a scatter and a wild symbol and even offers free spins and a gambling option after every win. So although it has ways to win instead of paylines, everything else is just like a regular slots game.

The Benefits of Choice

Paylines are comfortable and easy to understand and you can always go into the pay table of the slots game to see what the winning configurations are. Different slots offer different payline options and they can be anything from 5 up to 50. Obviously the more paylines you have to bet on the more chances you have but like the ways to win, the coin size is reduced. There is no yes or no as to which type of slots is better or offers better chances, both are powered by random number generators and both types offer fantastic chances to win. It is nice to have choice and with ways to win and paylines you are definitely getting a choice and a chance to experience both type of slots.