Poker Dice

Play Poker Dice now! Poker dice is a fun and old bar game that involves rolling five dice with images of playing cards ranging from 9 of each suit to Ace. Poker Dice is a great new expression of this old style bar game, making it fun and accessible to the online gaming generation.

Playing Dice

If you have not tried the table games at Vegas Tech properties, you are in for a pleasant surprise. The animations are smooth and completely believable. Poker Dice is played on a deep casino style dice table with the casino’s name inscribed on it. The version that we were playing had a convincing brick red felt, but other casinos have the game with green and blue felt, and other colors may be offered to keep with the particular casino’s theme.

The sound design on this one is simple: The background is white casino noise accompanied by a peppy, ear-worm jazz theme that sticks with you hours after you have played. When winning combos are hit, an additional riff alerts players to it, and the winning combo is highlighted on the paytable, top center screen.

The controls are arrayed across the bottom of the game, much in the manner of Vegas Tech card games, and are very easy to use and completely intuitive.

Betting Dice

The player has the option of choosing the denomination of chip that he or she wants to play, ranging from $1 up to $100. One to five chips may be played per roll, and the more chips played, the bigger the bet, the higher the payoffs.

Traditional Poker Dice is played against other players, and the winning hand takes the pot. In order to adapt it to online solo play, various hands have been assigned fixed payouts as are reflected in the paytable. Pegging the bottom of the payouts is two pair which gets the players bet back. The top end payout is 100 coins, and it is paid to five of a kind. We hit this within ten minutes of starting play on this game, and it made us really wish we had been risking $10 coins instead of $1!

Winning Dice

We have never been players of bar dice. We hear them sometimes, slamming the cups down and muttering or cheering, but have never taken to it. This version of Poker Dice, however we found totally addictive. It looks awesome on the high-def screen, and the winnings flow back quickly. We recommend this game highly as an alternative to a night of straight slots.

So log on to your favorite casino now, and roll the bones for real money and some exciting action! Poker Dice is a game not to be missed.