American Supported US Online Casinos

For many years it was difficult for players from the US to enjoy online casino games but recently in the past couple of years not only has the restricting legislation changed but also there are now many new online casinos that are popping up that are welcoming US players and making it easier for them to play and are extremely welcoming by offering incentives and extra customer support bonuses.

Change In Legislation Opens Up the Online Casinos to the US

Since the middle of 2009 the law changed in America and it is now possible not only for players from the US to play at online casinos but also online gambling has become legal again. In fact one creative senator even suggested using revenues from online gambling to help pay for health care reforms. As a result of these positive steps accepting and encouraging to a certain extent online gambling in the US, there are many online casinos that now accept and encourage US players and even offer extra incentives.

How to Find An Online Casino for US Players

In order to find an online casino that accepts US players you often just have to look for a small American flag logo. Many online casinos that accept US players will advertise it also on the home page of their casino as for many years there were not many that did accept US players, and now they want to make it obvious. Today more and more online casinos are entering the scene and realizing the pull of this fantastic market. In fact you can find many lists of online casinos that accept and encourage players from the US.

Extra Incentives for US Players

In order for online casinos that accept and welcome US players to differentiate themselves from others, they offer extra incentives. These incentives can be in the form of easier ways to pay and place bets, extra bonuses for using certain payment options, free entries into tournaments and of course generous sign up bonus offers. Not only are these incentives good for the US players but they make the whole online casino process much smoother and easier to handle. In addition online casinos that accept US players will also offer toll free numbers for their customer service and help centers so no extra unnecessary costs are incurred to the player. The online casinos for US players think of everything and make it as comfortable as possible for the US players who have been missing out for many years on this amazing part of the entertainment and leisure industry.