Double Joker Level-Up Poker

Microgaming’s Level-Up games are great evolutions of old standards, and the latest is the Double Joker Level-Up Poker, taking the tried and true video poker formula to a fun and exciting new level.

Level-Up Games

In these super game variants from Microgaming, four hands are dealt at the beginning of play. After four hands are dealt, the first hand is turned face-up. That hand must be a winning combination in order to progress to the second hand. That must win to get to the third and the third, of course, must win in order to get to the fourth. What makes this really special is that starting with the second hand multipliers come into play, making the winnings really compound. So on hand #1, a flush wins 20 coins. On hand #2 that same flush gets a 2x multiplier, so it is worth 40 coins. On hand #3 a 4x multiplier comes into play, making that same flush worth 80 coins, and on the final hand an 8x multiplier would make a flush worth 160 coins.

So, the longer players can stay in action, the bigger their cut of the action becomes!

Double Jokers, Double Fun!

In Double Joker Level-Up Poker, the Jokers serve as wildcards, substituting for any card in any combination. In the Royal Flush combination, the natural version is worth considerably more than the Royal Flush with the help of a Joker or two, but otherwise the value is the same.

With two wildcards in play, the winning combinations are constant, keeping the fun and the action going.

Placing Bets

As with all video poker games, Double Joker Level-Up Poker allows the player to establish the coin values to denominations ranging from 10¢ to 25¢. Bets may be placed from a minimum of one coin per hand up to five coins per hand, or 20 coins spanning the four hands dealt.

The maximum jackpot, a natural Royal Flush on the fourth hand, pays 32,000 coins and the secondary jackpot, the same hand hitting on the third hand, pays 16,000 coins.

The Best Video Poker Game, No Joke

In researching video poker games through the years we have encountered every type both in brick-and-mortar and in online casinos. At this time we can safely say that Double Joker Level-Up Poker is the most fun and the most exciting video poker game that we have encountered to date. So get settled in your favorite poker-playing station and log on to your favorite Microgaming casino and give Double Joker Level-Up Poker a try tonight!

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