3X Wild Cherry Slots

3X Wild Cherry Slots is an online classic slot game that will take you back to the long gone days when slot machines could only be played at real life locations. It is a simple game that will please those players who love to wager their coins in a minimalistic and virtual setup that lets them focus on making as much spins as possible without being distracted by extra features. 3X Wild Cherry has a colorful looking frame with only three reels and one winline, on which you need to place cash triggering combinations that consist of classic symbols.

Let 3X Wild Cherry Slots Fatten up Your Bankroll

The symbols in this game are those that you probably have seen many times if you are a long time slot machine fan. Most of these reel icons are the classics that have made a lot of players very rich in the past. And now it is your turn to line them up and see what they have to offer in terms of payouts.

The available reel symbols are the single bar with the blue letters, the double bar with the red letters, and the triple bar with the golden letters. You can also spin a cash stack, the red seven, the bell and the game's signature icon, which is the 3x logo. That last symbol is the one you should always aim to spin on the reels, because it is the highest paying reel attribute on the paytable.

This icon also is a wild, which means that is able to replace almost all of the other symbols (the jackpot icon cannot be replaced) so that a combinations can be completed successfully. On top of that, it also lucratively multiplies your profits if it appears once or twice in a winning slot reel symbol combination. Lastly, you should also aim to land the cool looking jackpot cherry logo on the game screen, because it will reward you with a juicy top prize.

3X Wild Cherry Slots Takes You Back to the Glory Days of Classic Slot Machines

Let 3X Wild Cherry Slots take you back to the days of old when classic, real life slot machines where the means of entertainment and the way to claim wins for all slot game fans. In these modern days, you no longer have to go to a bar or a land based casino in order to enjoy such games. Have fun with this virtual slot machine game from the comfort of your own home, and make sure that you line up all those iconic symbols in proper combinations so that the profits will start to fatten up your casino bankroll.