Fairy Wins Slots

You are a fan of both fairies and sexy ladies, someone made a game just for you. Combining a very sexualized art style with the enchanted forest theme complaints the scheme of letting people get knee-deep in the fairy universe, this is a game unlike few others on the market. It has game play that is up to par, and an art style that is even higher. If you want something that is going to tickle your fancy quite a bit, and look good in the process, you can do worse than this game!

Looks Great

The main driver of this game is most certainly the art style, which is evident even from the title image. They have taken a realistic Disney themed look to the art style that is very unique compared to all others. Each character is someone like a different elemental theme Disney princess, done up with a lot of contour make up, and given giant boobs. And that’s OK. There’s nothing against it. These ladies look lovely, and if anybody tells you any different, we don’t want to hear from them!

Going well the nice art star is a fairly nice set of gameplay mechanics. For example, this game includes a progressive jackpot, given out at random. The way these work is that, the longer you keep playing, the higher it gets, and the greater your chance of winning. If you want the best chance of winning, simply keep playing. See how that works? It’s the textbook definition of addiction.

Reels Are Great Too

On top of all that, the images on the reels that are not the lovely ladies also look pretty good. Whether it is the chests, the playing cards, or the magic potions, everything comes together in a way that works very well. It wasn’t just the leading ladies that picked up all of the art budget. It was spread equally around all of the reels, which is appreciated. A lot of games have two or three good graphics, and the rest of it is recycled garbage. That is not the case here, however, for which we can commend Bovada gaming!

The bonus round here are also pretty good, ranging in size and variety. For example, you can pick your fairy in the free games feature, based on matching some of the leading ladies altogether. They also consider the progressive jackpot to be another bonus round, and we are not going to hold that against them. As long as we get a progressive jackpot, we are fine with a developer trying to call it pretty much anything. They could even name it something that made absolutely no sense, as long as long as we can win some money, we’re all for it!

Great Gameplay

The gameplay here of what you would expect from a five Reel game across 20 lines. With coin sizes going from a penny all the way up to $10, and the maximum bet mathematically working out to be $200, you have a fair chance of winning here, and many ways of getting there. You are also able to get multipliers along the way as you would any other slot machine game, making it even better.

Aside from all that, there is still a lot to like here. The attention to detail on the user interface, for example, also goes a long way to make up your grade. It looks like it all has been framed by a wonderful picture with nice artists and details and elements of the forest. The suits of playing cards also feature a similar style, and we think they are gorgeous. We don’t say that about many graphics of that kind, so take it as a rare complement. The background also looks lovely, looking much like some kind of overgrown forest a fairy would live in. The tree in the background there is so large that we are pretty sure it would be bigger than the Empire State building. We would love to see something like that!

Our Time with It

When we tried giving it a go, we actually did pretty well. We found that the fairy lady is coming up a lot more often, which can lead to some pretty good winnings. We have course did not get the progressive jackpot because we are still here writing this review, but we have heard of some people getting it at a rate that seems to be higher than competing slot machine games. This is true of other titles from this developer as well, so we believe it. They forgo spending a lot of time making the game in favor of simply making it more profitable. We can’t argue with that logic!

If we didn’t have to change something about the game, we would have simply had to be more focused on the fairy princesses themselves. Lovely as they are, they easily could have taken up more real estate across the reels. This would have done away with the wonderful looking suits of playing cards here, but it is a sacrifice we would be willing to make. We also wish that there were more innovative Gameplay mechanics other than simply waiting the jackpot, but if it’s between that and no jackpot, our decision would be.

For everything match, you’ll be getting the multiplier effect. If you get the fairy symbols themselves, you can get two thousand times what you put in. This starts with the pink haired one, which is the most valuable. After that is the little bits with purple hair, giving you 1500 times what you bet. The red haired lady is after that at 1000 times a bet, and the green haired lady is last at 1000 times. It’s kind of odd that they made them all that way as we would assume the more earth and colors will be more valuable, but we are not wants to complain about that. As long as they act as multipliers, we are quite content.

Play Great Everywhere

The game also plays well across all of your different devices. Whether are you on the phone, a tablet, or a Mac or PC, the lovely ladies will be right there with you, spinning along wonderfully and looking great in the process. There wasn’t a single hitch in our experience, even when our Internet connection got a little bit shaky. Things held on strong, and the developer certainly put a lot of time into the net code to make all that work. All of these games looked lovely on all devices, however, so you’re probably going to be fine no matter what you play.

If you want one of the prettiest games in the genre, this is it. With a progressive jackpot that is authentically high, lovely ladies that are beautifully drawn, and a general look and feel to it that is unmatched in all competing games, this is certainly the game to beat in the fairy space. Fairy fans already know they’re going to play any game featuring fairies at all, and probably did not take the time to read this review. For everyone else, however, this game is well done enough that you can probably see why people like it in a similar way to them liking vampires, only with something a lot prettier.