Fast & Sexy Slots

Anyone that has so much as seen the title image of this game knows what they are getting into. They even took the time to give the boobs on the title characters realistic physics of their own. That's basically this game in a nutshell. If you are a fan of the film franchise the fast and the furious, if you like lovely ladies that are well endowed, they got you covered here. Although nothing about it is new, it is a perfectly executed genre piece. It also pays out very well, thanks to Bovada gaming. We found it fun, and we are not even into this sort of thing!

Bovada Gaming

For starters, this slot machine game is brought to you by Bovada gaming. Although they are not the biggest name in the online gambling scene, which would be RTG gaming, they are an up-and-coming place that is long since one over many fans. They are known for thinking outside of the box, taking new directions, and giving you edgy productions that are more along the lines of an adult themed DreamWorks. There is nothing about this game, or any of their games, that lacks polish. Polish may as well be the title of all of their games.


As far as gameplay goes, you can expect the usual five reel game, but with some innovative mechanics that make it fun. They have a bonus round called the fast and sexy bonus game, which on top of having a separate free spins feature. This makes for a grand total of two different bonus rounds, both of which you are sure to get if you play long enough. This makes it feel almost like an action packed game, one that isn't devoted to simply spinning and winning like this one.


If you want to match something, they also have plenty of nice street racing themed things to pair together. This is on top of the usual suits of playing cards, as well as a bonus game symbol. Everything here looks just as good as the title and match, and you'll wonder why they didn't feature more of these lovely ladies elsewhere earlier! They also feature the entire cast on the back of a nice car set of wheels, only in this case it has five. We're not sure if that would be faster or slower than a normal car, but it is cute!

They also worked on some other mechanics related to cars that makes this one stand out. For example, when you spend the reel's, the entire car thrusts forward as if pulling ahead at the end of a race. They also have everything on wheels that have a slight perspective tilt of them, making you feel like you are very close to the action. Technically, the back of the race car is about the last place you would want to be close to. Here, however, because of the sexy ladies that adore and all of the different symbols you can match, it's actually quite fun!


As far as what makes this game stand out from the rest, they are definitely banking on you being a fan of the theme to get you through this one. The bonus rounds are fun, but they are not enough to make this all that different from any other five real game. The betting amounts are also nice, but still go up to the usual range of about $10 a coin. The maximum bet is around $200 a spin, but that is also fairly par for the course. What makes this title stand out, however, is how wonderfully produced the graphics are. It really does saying, it looks like it could have easily been made into its old female theme fast in the furious franchise!

As for who this game is not for, we're not quite sure. Although plenty of people, including ourselves, or not into cars, there are all sorts of lovely ladies here. Even if you are a girl, or otherwise aren't attracted to the female form, they still look pretty cool here. It is a very girl power themed extravaganza, in a way that doesn't necessarily objectify the girls all that much either. Sure, their boobs have realistic physics as we said. Still, however, they feature them as if they are looking up to them, not looking down on them. It is actually somewhat empowering, like seeing a girl band in its prime!

Our Experience

As per our experience playing this game, we actually did pretty well. We tend to average our bets around two dollars. Throughout our entire play session, we actually ended up making a pretty decent amount of money. Sure, we didn't get any jackpots, but we did have quite a good time, and made back more money then we put down. If you are interested in playing for free, however, they also have you cover there too.

Using their free to play future, you are gifted $1000 in coins. From here, you're welcome to but in any amount that you would like, up to $200 in total. At first, you'll probably want to keep things on the lower end, so as not to blow through all your money. After a while, however, once you get used to the mechanics, feel free to bed at all. It's not like the game isn't being played for free, after all! You can win quite a bit of fake money, which feels good despite not being real.

If you do decide to put down real money, however, you can expect everything to be entirely fair because it is backed by Bovada gaming. As we may have mentioned, they independently audit all of their games. This ensures that everything is entirely safe, real, and nobody is good. All of us have a gambler, and those making the game, it is entirely legitimate. This is why we always gamble with pride whenever we play one of their titles. We know we're going to win, and we know they're not going to cheat us! Their reputation is too valuable.

Fun and Fast

Aside from that, you can expect quite a fun filled ride here. It's definitely not our favorite game from the Bovada catalog, but it certainly ranks very highly. It features a star-studded cast that looks like it could easily find its way into a feature film, should those open up again after the coronavirus lockdowns. Even if they don't, however, the talent that went into those movies certainly has a place here.

If you are looking for something new and inventive, or simply want something that will hit the genre of cars and girls very hard, they hit it out of the park with this one. It's almost better than fast and furious itself. This one's got a lot more girls to it, the car is technically a lot cooler, and you actually get paid for playing this one, as opposed to putting down your hard earned money to go see Vin Diesel or the Rock in theaters. We would actually be thrilled if this cast took over the feature films!