Gold Rush Gus Slots

If you are a fan of RPG‘s, colorful cartoon graphics, and innovative gameplay, they seem to have gotten everything right with this one. Brought to you by Bovada Gaming, this fairly simple title tries its hardest to win you over, and we’re hard-pressed to think of ways that they have fail. It is very rare that we give a gave a perfect score, but obviously, we can’t imagine how this game could get any better!

Dig Some Gold

Most games have a theme, but this one really takes it to the next level. You are controlling a digger, who moves forever to the right on the screen knocking out blocks to reveal what’s underneath them. Accordingly, this will determine how much you will win in a visual fashion. That really is the best way to describe how the matching mechanics work here. It’s much like a video game, although the amount of control that you have is somewhat limited. Still, however, it is far more interesting than most games that simply spin.

The graphics to also take things to another level that most games never manage to match. Although you can tell that they had an easy job of it given that it has a somewhat flash look to it of floating parts, this game to us is on par with the production values of famous Ubisoft titles such as Rainman legends. To be honest, you can easily stick this character in the graphics into that very game. We are not sure if they took inspiration from it, but we are thankful that they did. It looks perfect, and we actually wish we could see this art style and theme used elsewhere.

Innovative Gameplay

Ask her of the innovative mechanics, this game has a lot to offer all kinds of people. It is an exclusive slot game. Bovada really did a good job with this one. For starters, when you match things, it can go in a rope fashion that continues all throughout the screen. This is what makes it a little more like bejeweled as we mentioned. Although you can still match in fairly similar ways and other games, the way that you can connect things here with the visual flareup makes it feel new and exciting. Where we usually spend on other games, we really don’t care. Here, however, we find ourselves looking forward to each passing screen.

Another thing that they got right here the other people tend to neglect is that there is a little element of randomness and chances as you play. For example, as we are writing this review, we are actively playing the game at the same time. As we did, we didn’t match anything on the spin, but then something else happened. Some kind of gopher monster came out of the ground, and opened up a treasure chest to give us a free win. It is little things like these that make everything feel like anything could happen, despite this still very much being a slot machine game.

Looks like a Real Game

Whether you want to play for free or real money, you are more than welcome to do so here. The money that you have spent is tallied up above you like somewhat of a life gauge. This makes it feel a lot more like a video game, which in addition to everything else that they are doing, makes it seem a lot more fun than it probably should be. I’ll top of that, they did not skip out of the other features, either. For example, in the top right corner, there is always a floating jackpot for you to think about.

At the time of this writing up a jackpot currently stands at a little over $100,000. We had to double check just to make sure we didn’t miss place the decimal point there, as the font is somewhat small on our phone. Our eyes certainly aren’t what they used to be, either. That definitely is the jackpot, however, which is far and away one of the biggest we have ever seen! Presumably they have done this because they want people to win it less often. Because of this as well, however, you can get a far higher pay out when you do manage to win. It is somewhat the best of both worlds. It is great to see them taking some risks here by offering you a skyhigh jackpot, and we absolutely love the lavish art style and how wonderful all of it works.

Great Jackpots

Of all the different titles we have played from Bovada gaming, this is definitely our favorite. We have played pretty much all of them, and not have managed to hit such a high note as this one. We really hope that they reuse the art style and assets and gameplay mechanics at some other titles. We can see this working perfectly well with some kind of knight, going across the screen valiantly as he slows different monsters. No matter what they do, we just want them to do it, because the team that put this game together clearly knows what’s up!

Even the things that you can match look pretty neat, them going out of their way to increase the number. The only downside to this is that it is potentially what makes it harder to match, but we still love the game overall. You could match the full suite of numbers, as well as play cards. This is on top of various colored jewels, and wild potions. The key symbol also pops up from time to time, which is one of the most sought after things you can get. Everything looks wonderful, and we’re happy no matter what we match because of it! It’s also cute and colorful, we wish they made a normal game with the same art asset collection.

On top of everything else, we do have to level some criticisms at it, because we can’t be all sunshine and roses when it comes to this. One thing that we did find less often around here is that the win rate seems to be a little bit lower. When you do it, however, it is in higher amounts. This probably is meant to balance itself out, and you may win more often with higher Betting amounts. Even when we played for free, we found that we won more money when we increase the betting about $200. This could be luck, or anything else, we’re not sure. Either way, that is our experience.

In Sum, Great Game

If you want to title that is really going to blow you away, and make it harder to play anything else afterwards, this one is it. It’s definitely the most well produced cartoon title we have ever seen. The animation alone is suitable to win an award. Even a little details like letting the screen sit for too long result in nice signs and animations happening on the reel itself. We’re not sure how we can go back to playing anything else after playing so much of this game. It would all be lackluster by comparison.