Pot of Gold Slots

Legend tells us that a pot of gold sits at the end of every rainbow. Strange then that none of us - at least as far as we can tell - has ever managed to find one. That is one of the best themes for slot games that has ever been chosen, and we have another slot here touching on the same subject.

Welcome to our review of the Pot of Gold slot game, which reveals everything except the location of that gold!

Who created the game?

This one was developed by Arrows Edge and joins many other successful slots in their collection.

Demo accessibility

You'll have no worries about reaching a demo version of this game as it does contain one to try. The game loads with plenty of practice coinage to use too.

The theme takes on the luck of the Irish once again

The pot of gold, the rainbow… there should be a leprechaun in there somewhere too, right? That's true of this game as well.

Design elements involved in Pot of Gold slots

The design doesn't disappoint, giving us access to a nice green setting with plenty of clover underneath the reels. They've given us some large reels too though, with many traditional elements that feature in lots of slots with similar themes.

Reel count, jackpots, and more: Exploring Pot of Gold in more detail

We get a 5 x 4 format in this game, not to mention the inclusion of a Cash Grab progressive jackpot. This isn't the largest one in the Arrows Edge collection, but it does drop quite often at a lower level.

The wild in the game is the four-leaf clover, which could indeed supply some good fortune. It can substitute for all but two symbols. These are the titular pot of gold itself and a gold coin. The wilds land on every reel except for the first and last ones. You can also look out for the scattered pot of gold, and we'll give you more details about the gold coin and its role later as well.

No paylines in this game

No - you'll see the full 1,024 potential prize-winning ways included instead.

How much can you bet on this game?

You can start at 50 cents, as each spin requires 50 coins to play. That makes the smallest coin worth just a cent. The largest bet is a lot higher though, reaching a massive $300.

Arrows Edge marks the paytable in the usual way

Yes, they use a question mark as they often do.

Bonuses in the Pot of Gold slot

This is the point where the gold coins jump into action. They'll only show up if you reach the free spin round, but if you manage to do that and the coins appear, they'll show you a prize amount each time.

Getting through to the free spins

You need at least three scatters to get through to the free spins. A random prize of five, 10, or 15 spins is given at this stage. More can be triggered in the same way. No multipliers are listed for prizes won during these spins.

If any free game sees at least six gold coins land on the reels, you'll earn three Golden Spins. The coins you found to reach these spins stay in position. The idea is to find as many gold coins as possible during those Golden Spins. Whenever one or more turn up, your Golden Spins count resets to three. If you run out of spins, you get the values shown on all the coins given to you as prizes. If you manage to fill the reels with coins before you run out of Golden Spins, you get a better prize.

No clear RTP

We explored the details for the game and found no information on this topic.

How high does our rating go?

We're ranking this at 8/10 thanks to the many features it holds within its reels. Things can become very interesting if you trigger the free spins, but there is no guarantee you'll find the Golden Spins there.

Any jackpot winners to note?

We'll let you know if we hear of someone winning the Cash Grab jackpot, but we know it often triggers when it reaches anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000.

Play for entertainment to start with

The game has some cool features to get used to, so the demo game is the ideal way to introduce yourself to all of them without risk.

Play for real if the 50-cent minimum wager suits your budget

This is important as while it does technically qualify as a penny slot, given the lowest coin value available, it requires a much bigger wager to play it for real.

Mobile gaming is also fine

Yes, you can play Pot of Gold slots on any device you want using the Android and iOS platforms.