Cai Bling Slots

If you're wondering who or what Cai Bling is, take a moment to find out by reading through our comprehensive slot review here. We've already checked out the game and we liked what we saw - a lot.

Cai Bling is a solid entry into one developer's collection of casino games. If you can't guess who that developer is, don't worry. We'll start our review of the game by revealing the answer to that question.

Who came up with this idea?

Realtime Gaming has an active team of creatives working hard on all their forthcoming slots. Cai Bling is a cool release from that team, and you can find out more about this RTG slot game here.

Demo action available too

We like to see a slot game with a practice version. It gives us a chance to experience the game to see if it fits with our wants and needs. This one does, but you should try it too to see if it fits yours as well.

A mix of two themes?

The bling part of the title points to jewelry, and you can certainly spot lots of jewels spilling out over the reels and background of this game. Cai is a Chinese word with several meanings, but one of them seems to mean prizes. We think that makes sense, although we're looking for coin prizes here rather than winning jewelry.

One of RTG's best designs

There are many slots in their collection that look superb, but this must be among the best of them. Rich red and golden touches go through the whole game. You can see ample detail wherever you look, which gives you more appeal and supports the Asian theme as well.

Let's begin to play Cai Bling slots

Five reels give us lots to look for when they stop spinning. Before you even spin for the first time, though, you'll spot several other things on your screen. We'll come to the golden symbols shortly, but there are four jackpots on the right side of the screen. These start with the smallest progressive at the bottom of the pile, working up to the richest one of all at the top.

We've checked out several screenshots from this game, and Cai Bling comes with not one but two wilds. You might recognize the lucky white cat that is popular in this culture, appearing as a wild here with a suitable label on it. Also labeled as such is the fearsome dragon, colored green and roaring into action as the second wild.

Cai Bling offers a scatter symbol too. Think of a beautiful lotus flower and then cover it in jewels and you'll know what to look for.

How many paylines can you bet on?

None, because the game uses the way win mechanic instead. The 5 x 3 format means there are 243 ways to collect prizes as you play.

How are bets worked out?

Whenever you see a game offering 243 ways to find prizes, you know the creator has put a multiplier on the coin bet for each spin. This varies from one game to another, but here it is just eight coins per spin.

With coins going from a penny to 50 cents, you can spin for just eight cents each time, or try another amount maxing out at $4 a time.

Don't miss the paytable

It's easy to access from the game screen, and we recommend you do this before trying the game for the first time. Even if you never intend to play for real, the paytable explains the rules and how you should play the game.

What about the golden symbols?

You might spot these over on the left of your screen as you start playing. You'll learn more about these in the paytable and see how they affect your progress during the game. Let's just say they're there for good reason!

Free spins provide more potential in Cai Bling

We weren't surprised to see eight spins offered in a screenshot for this feature in Cai Bling. That means eight chances to see how many prizes you can collect without paying for the spins.

No return to player value from RTG

That's common, as you'll know if you're familiar with their games. They don't promote the value for any of their titles.

Our rating: High or low?

You can guess the answer to this already. Cai Bling has so much to offer, it's impossible to drop the score lower than 9/10. Why would you want to? The potential is huge.

When will we get news of some jackpot winners?

Who knows, but we guess news might appear on the RTG casino websites hosting this game. It looks like a promising new slot with lots to offer in the progressive stakes.

Play the demo to start with

This game looks and sounds promising, but it shouldn't stop you from trying the practice game first. You can see whether the experience matches the potential.

And if you want to play for real…

Look for welcome deals at RTG casinos, so you can collect some bonus funds to use while trying the real version of Cai Bling slots.

Mobile accessibility also available

You can always play Cai Bling slots on a tablet or smartphone, no matter whether you're a fan of Apple or Android. They're great to play on a mobile device.