Reel Poker Slots

Wager Gaming Technology brings us something new to the table. This game is an online slot that looks and feels like a poker game! Begin by getting familiar with the play table understanding how the pay lines work and where the spin, bet, and coins options are. Set your coin wager with bets from $.50 up to $2.50. Each coin you wager increases the bet by 50 cents. This is a 100 pay line slot, so you will have a lot of ways to filter the cards into an awarding outcome. The symbols are very familiar such as hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs, however, these symbols represent the 52 cards in a deck making each card its own value. Get your poker face on because the dealer is about to begin.

Ways to Win

Wgt developed a game not much like what we have seen before making this a super fun hybrid. Each pay out is similar to how a poker game would play out. Players are looking for a winning combination on any of the pay lines. A straight is 5 cards in numerical order which will pay 13x the wager. A flush which is all the same suit will reward 15x the wager. A full house meaning 3 of any kind and 2 of any kind will trigger 20x the wager. 4 of a kind rewards 45x the wager. Straight flush rewards 1,000x the wager. 5 of a kind rewards 2,000 times the wager, and the royal flush, biggest of them all, triggering a win multiplier of 10,000 times the wager! All these can be triggered on any of the reels or pay lines as long as it is aligned from left to right.

The game also includes a nice free spin bonus round where players will be able to choose from 15 cards trying to find a matching pair. When done so, players will be rewarded with 15 free spins, or 30 if the player finds a double symbol before finding the pair. Aside from the in-game bonus features players also have a chance at three separate jackpots including the minor, the major, and the current.

Final Thoughts

This is such a different experience it is almost always a go to. Each separate suit has their own charismatic face knowing that with 100 ways to win, you will find a way. The pay outs are interesting since it is based on poker wins. Each spin will lead to a good time, a triggered win, or a bonus round. Players familiar with poker would love having a go at this online slot while the play table guideline is simple enough that even new players can try their hand at online poker slots. Reel poker slots creates a new way to play online and maybe if you are luck, you find a royal flush while giving it a go!