Farming Futures Slots

Take yourself down to the farm and meet the Farmer and all his animals on a slots game that has 7 reels, this 9 payline game is quite interesting as it is different from the usual 5 reel game. The game is very easy to play and winnings are quite regular.

Game play on Farming Futures

To play the game you will need to bet some coins, on the nine paylines you can bet a single penny on each payline, its better to put at least one coin on each payline as you don't want to miss a chance of any wins. You can increase your bet size in increments right up to $10 per payline which would make the maximum bet $90 on all the paylines.

The symbols on the game reflect the rural life of the farm, the Farmer dominates as the owner and he has a variety of animals that are part of the farm. The graphics are very amusing you are sure to enjoy them, watch out for the rather Amusing Farmer, a Horse grinning with a bowtie, a Duck with a sun visor, a Cow with lipsticked lips, pearls and a crown, a chubby Pig sees dollars in his eyes and the goat that has dollars attached to his horns. The Farmer can give you the top award of 7 on the reels paying out 2,500 coins which is $25,000. Get 6 Horses on the reels that the payout is 1,000 coins or $10,000, and 5 Ducks pays out 500 coins or $5,000.


Players can set the game autoplaying with the autoplay feature, set 5 spins or as much as 500 autospins in increments. There are other choices of when to stop the autospins besides the number set. If you with to stop the spins in mid spin then press the stop button. The spinning will stop and award prizes.