Enjoy Special Bonuses at Liberty Slots and Lincoln Casino this April

Who doesn't love a special bonus when they visit their favorite online casino? We know we do, and we have some great news for you along these lines during April.

Firstly, you'll need to be a member of either Liberty Slots or Lincoln Casino - or both, if you want to take advantage of the deals at both casinos during April. So if you are not already a member, now is the time to make sure you join so you can get those deals.

Which deals can you enjoy at Liberty Slots in April?

They have a coupon code available that allows you to enjoy a bonus of 150% on deposits up to $300 in value. The coupon code is LSAPRIL2016 and it is valid over the course of up to four deposits.

You have to make those deposits on the days running from April 15th through to April 18th. The minimum deposit you need to make to receive the bonus is $50. The biggest bonus you can get in a single transaction is $150, and the biggest total bonus you can enjoy is $300. You can read the usual terms and conditions for Liberty Slots bonuses at their website.

What about the deals waiting for you at Lincoln Casino?

You have the exact same great deal waiting for you at this casino as well! It's true - except the code here is slightly different, as you would expect. The code is LCAPRIL2016, so make sure you use the correct code for the right site.

The one difference here - apart from that code - is that the Lincoln Casino special offer runs between April 14th and April 18th, so ink those dates into your diary!

Can you take advantage of the deals at both casinos?

Of course - why not? This could be the best way to make sure you get the biggest amount of bonuses you can enjoy. It is also a great way to make sure you can maximize the amount of cash in your account so you can try out a whole host of games you may not have tried before.

Enjoy some sensational games this April at Lincoln Casino and Liberty Slots

Whatever you have in mind, make sure you enjoy the very best gaming opportunities and excitement this April at these two online casinos. Play some new games alongside your favorites, and have the best possible time!