Scientific Games to Release Arcade Slots in Nevada

Have you heard about the new venture involving Scienticic Games? This well known gaming company is hoping to be the top in terms of Arcade Style Slots. Scientific Games hopes to connect all the players in Nevada with easy access to these types of slots.

Senate Bill

In order to do so, Scientific Games will need to wait for the passage of a law which is tabled as Senate Bill 9. The company is currently waiting for this law to be accepted and approved by the Governor of the Nevada, Brian Sandovol. Commonly called SB9, this Senate Bill was first brought to the table by the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturer or the AGEM. The AGEM had previously discovered from Scientific Games information about the popularity of arcade style games and how using skill-based games will improve the gaming industry in Nevada.

Why Skill Based Slots?

According to Mollie Cole, Director of Corporate Communications for Scientific Games, the use of these type of skill-based slots is a “paradigm shift in the gaming industry”. Ms. Cole stated that the Sicientific Games is poised to transform how the casino industry in Nevada is viewed and transformed. Arcade Style Slots is believed to be the future of gaming and it can be seen as a way to improve the experience a slot player has.