Looking for the Perfect Slots Game

Café Casino has more than 200 slot games on their online casino, finding the perfect slot game can prove to be a daunting task, with such a high choice the casino has listed some attributes to help players make the right choice for them.

Slots games came with different characterizations skim through them an see what resonates with you.

Slots For a Traditionalist

Many people prefer the traditional slots games that has three reels and classic symbols like BAR’s, Cherries, and lucky 7’s, no need for those extras that come with other slots, simple is just perfect and often the payouts are even better.

Recommended games: Big Cash Win and Diamon Cherries.

Sports Fans

Sports fans can choose games that are high octane, they have skills testing bonus rounds, competition is what drives these games and this appeals to Sports Fans.

Recommended games: Fast Lane, Hole in Won, Pigskim Payout and Aussie Rules.

The Free Spirited player

Keeping it simple is the name of the game, games that make you happy are usually sought after, fewer the rules the better,

Recommended Games: Surf Paradise, Travel Bug and Tahiti Time.

The Shopaholic

Retail therapy is a popular pastimes for many people, so a games that features shopping and spending money will appeal, there are quite a few ‘shopping and retail therapy’ games available

Recommended games: Shopping Spree and Shopping Spree II, Fruit Shop.

The Rocker

If music is your passion especially rock and roll and 60’s beats you are sure to dance to the music while playing your favorite slots games

Recommended games: Psychedelic Sixties and Rock On

Extraordinary Mothers

Being a mother is a very exacting job, with plenty of good and stressful times in their daily lives taking care of the little ones. Most mother are really super-moms, doing more than most people can cope with. At the end of the day after tucking the little ones to sleep, its time to relax and play some slots games that appreciate and celebrates our super-moms.

Recommended games: Fixer Upper, Baby Boomers Cash Cruise, Gnome Sweet Home.

Food bon vivant

Gourmet food your fancy and you like things to be perfect when setting out the table and entertaining. From Russian to French cuisine you’d like to show your capabilities for greater appreciation of good food.

Recommended games: Jacques Pot, Gobblers Gold and Gourmet Slot.