Shopping Spree Slots

If you have read the review of Bovada Casino at, you'll know the site is packed with countless different slots games for you to try out and play. A classic example is the Shopping Spree slots game, so let's take a look at how it works when you download it.

How many reels and paylines does the game have?

There are five reels in play here, but unlike some of the other games which have lots of paylines in play, this one has only nine. This is handy if you want to play all the paylines but you only have a small budget.

What are the minimum and maximum bets?

The smallest amount you can wager per line is twenty five pence. However you can bet up to five coins per line as well, which means five times twenty five pence. This means you will end up with only one more decision to make - how many of the paylines will you bet money on?

If you wager on just the one it will cost you a twenty five pence bet. Alternatively if you bet on all nine you will wager £2.25 per spin. And if you opt for the maximum on each line it will cost £11.25 per spin.

What kind of symbols are in play in the game?

The whole theme of this game is a shopping spree, so you'll spot all the lovely things that women love to shop for!

For instance you can look for perfume, high heeled shoes, handbags and even bouquets of flowers. There is plenty here to look out for and enjoy, and matching up the right symbols - such as the pearls for example - could win you a big prize.

Are there any special features as well?

Yes there are - and one of the best concerns the cash symbols. If you manage to get three of these during any single spin you can really win it big. You don't need to line them up either.

The Mystery Grab Bag also unlocks a special bonus round which could leave you in an even better position. And with the added bonus of a chance to win a real life shopping trip as well, you can see that this game packs a lot in that you'll love trying to take advantage of.

Why not download and play Shopping Spree slots right now and see how lucky you might be?