Bovada Casino Leaderboards

The Bovada Casino leaderboards offer players the chance to win additional prizes by directly competing against other players. The opportunity is very lucrative and super easy to get started. The first step to getting into the Bovada Casino leaderboards is to join and sign up. All you need to do is go to the Casino Leaderboards page at Bovada Casino and view or join any upcoming events you would like to participate in.

Once you have done that, just launch the leaderboard mode. Truthfully, the best way to learn the process is to just play and that is also how you will start getting prizes too! The leaderboard will automatically track your rank as you play. It's important to be in leaderboard mode for the tracking to happen and be precise.

Then you will accrue leaderboard points, in addition to the normal in-game wins. These points are the key to winning prizes. Each leaderboard comes with its own unique prizes, so the prizes will vary depending on which one you join and participate in. Each leaderboard will have a list of the available prizes that are just waiting for you. At any time you can also click on the "View Prizes" button after the event has started in order to be reminded.

It is important to note that each of the Bovada Casino leaderboard events has different conditions that must be met. Some may require a minimum number of spins to qualify. Check out the details tab for each event to view the specific conditions and requirements. All leaderboard rankings are in real-time, during an event so you can easily see how you are doing compared to other players in the event. The final rankings are always available on the Bovada Casino Leaderboard page for a day after the event has ended.