The Law On Gambling Sites

The United States Government has been slow at reacting to online gambling, when gambling sites first began to appear online in the early 1990’s there were no legal stance or a set of guidelines that were imposed on gambling sites. However, this changed during 2006 when President George Bush signed the Safe Ports Act in to law that had attached to it a section that makes it illegal for any banking institution to allowed their customers to be able to send money to offshore gambling sites.

Prior to the changes in 2006, citizens from the USA could easily gamble online using any Credit and Debit Cards to fund gambling site accounts, however, this changed when US banking institutions started blocked these type of payments making it very difficult for players and gamblers to send money to the gambling sites.

Over the years many of the individual US States are now taking a new look at the online gambling sites, several of them are now putting into place their own specific robust licensing and regulatory regimes that will allow gambling sites that are located in some US States to offer services that are legally and once applied for and been granted a gambling license.

Its a good idea when looking at gambling sites overseas, there are many that will admit USA players. Although sending money to those sites and getting your winnings, there is a huge number of them and players should be careful as there are no protections for the players if getting on the site of a unlicensed casino. Check each casino for their license and the jurisdiction they are regulated.

Some FAQ On Law And Rules

One of the most important questions to ask is if the games are fair and random. Beware of the sites that offer rigged and fixed games, that one of the reasons to be on a site that is licensed and regulated.

How to be able to tell a casino is legal? By looking for the logo of the licensing authority and that they have issued a license to the casino. These sites are also listed on the gaming boards website.

What Types Of Gambling Games Are Available?

Playing online there are many different types of games to be played from Slots to bingo games, Most of the games are also available at land-based casino, so your online experience will be similar to going to a physical casino, only enjoyed online in the comfort of your home or anywhere with a mobile app. Many of the online casinos offer a choice of games that are higher than the ones at land-based casinos.

Are Mobile Gambling Sites Available To Us Citizens?

If a player is within the State boundaries of the USA, States that are fully legalised for online gambling, The player will not have a problem and playing on a mobile device for real money will be aright. Casinos today that have a gambling license use some type of geo location software, this determines where the player is located, if attempting to access the casino outside of the location, the software will pinpoint it and block the user’s attempt to access the site.

Do Players Have to Declare Online Gambling Winnings?

When gambling online does not mean a player gets away with declaration of their winnings. All players have to declare their winnings for tax purposes. Players have full access to be able to access gaming history, they will find access to win loss ratios at all of the fully licensed and regulated USA based gambling sites.

How Do I Know Online Gambling Games Are Fair?

Players will not be left with any doubt about the fairness of online gambling sites if they sites are licensed and regulated in the USA. All the games that are accessible to play at such sites are checked to ensure they are fair just like the land based games have been.

Why Does My Credit Card Keep Getting Declined As Gambling Sites?

Many of the banking institutions have placed blocks on credits and debit cards that they issue should those cards be used to fund online gambling accounts. Over recent years many of these banks have lifted these restrictions on customers that live in the Sates where there is online gambling that is legal. If you experience problems its then best to contact your bank in question to find out if the block can be lifted.

Can Gambling Online Be Done Using Us Dollars?

Players should only choose to gamble using USD at legalized online gambling sites. If a player joins an offshore online casino they might have to use a different currency for their deposits, this could place a player in a position that will make the player eligible for a range of currency fees, exchange rate fees and other charges.

How Old Do Players Have To Be To be Able Gamble Online?

In general most online gambling sites state that players need to be over 21 years of age. Here are a few that accept over 18 years of age, so its a good idea to check the casino site before joining. As far as a lottery ticket, persons 18 and over can purchase one and accept winnings.