New York to Offer a Program that Addresses Gambling by Youths

New York state officials who are worried about gambling committed by school-age children, are offering an educational program that could be used in classrooms.

The Problem is called Gambling Prevention Toolkit and it can be used by school the districts and it includes curriculums, some sample policies and also examples of ways to be able to talk to students about gambling risks.

In a recent survey conducted by the state Office related to Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services has found that about half of the respondents who are currently in grades seven through 12 have reported that they have been gambling at least once in the previous year. Approximately a quarter of these students had purchased a lottery ticket.

The Substance Abuse Services Agency is going to be launching the toolkit program together with the state Education Department. The toolkit program can also be used by school's parent-teacher associations, parents and also community groups.