U-Spin Roulette from Scientific Games

U-Spin Roulette from Scientific Games adds an thrilling twist to the old classic game of Roulette.

Roger from Scientific Games explains how it works. The dealer will place the ball into the launcher, players place their bets, after all bets have been places, the dealer hands the ball launcher button for on of the players to launch the ball onto the Roulette Wheel.

Th U-Spin button gives the player an opportunity to be more active in the game, as they control when the ball is to be launched onto the wheel.

And it get more exciting then that, there is an additional side bet, if the last number repeats then the players can shoot three balls using the U-Spin button to launch them on to the Roulette wheel, and depending where the balls land will determine how much the player has won.

This is a new innovation to an old classic that has not changed in hundreds of years.