Ignition Rewards

Ignition Casino is a premier marketplace of online casino games, and have tightened their grip on the first spot by including a whole new slew of promotions and bonuses for new and old players alike. In fact, to really reap what they have to offer, you’d be best off engaging with the just-launched loyalty program: Ignition Rewards. There are a host of new features that will keep you returning to the casino again and again to benefit from the generous inbox deliveries that active accounts enjoy.

The process consists of downloading the casino software and signing up to Ignition Casino. You’ll get to take advantage of the Welcome or Match Bonus, as well as an automatic enrollment into the rewards program. From here, Special Bonus opportunities will open up, and Ignition Miles will start piling up for every game you play. What’s the utility of these Miles? Well, as you hit new milestones, you can trade them in for in-game benefits and even cash bonuses to prolong your gameplay. Your membership level stays where you last left it in case you take a hiatus from Ignition Casino - you’ll still be in the rewards program when you decide to return.

How to Score Points in the Ignition Rewards Program

You must play the available games for real money in order to take advantage of the rewards program and the miles that pile up. Instant Play cannot yield the goods here; just by downloading the software and creating an account, once you play any game, the miles activate right away. Pair this with the cash bonuses available every day of the week and weekend, and you’ll be sitting pretty Ignition Casino. As you progress in the games, your rewards program level will rise and open you up to even more opportunities. Sign up today and become a valued member - cash awaits.