More Casino are offering Sign-ups using FaceBook

Many of the online gambling operators and now routinely using the social media platform to advertise their gaming products in order to expand their customer base.

They are doing this by encouraging players to use their Facebook accounts to sign up. Their reasoning for this decision is for speeding up the registration process and to give players an incentive to tag along.

Unmatched Convenience for Online Casinos

There is intense competition between the online gambling operators that has led to this trend. BETAT Casino and Slotty Vegas are some of the pioneers and they are reaping the benefits. The casinos say that once players realize the advantage of gambling at respectable casinos, they are unlikely to go looking elsewhere for their entertainment, and the first and most important step is convincing Players to give the casino a chance which is exactly what the Facebook registration has achieved.

A lot of established and new casinos are paying close attention to social media and the opportunities for integration.

Lapalingo Casino has been receiving Facebook sign-ups recently and they are expecting more players to come abroad, an added bonus is players will spread the word over social media for the casinos which means the casinos benefit without additional expenses,

Privacy Concerns regarding Facebook Sign-Ups

Gamblers do have privacy concerns, they know that their friends and relatives will be able to learn about their hobbies and interests which makes some gamblers uncomfortable, plus there is a risk of other people finding out.

Therefore the online casinos are looking into the pros and cons, and it seems that the advantages dwarf the shortcomings. Players do have options of choosing convenience or extra privacy, depending on their personal values

The gambling operators give them the option of checking different paths and in the end, the user has the final choice,

Within the industry, social networks in general and particularity Facebook are regarded as a major catalyst for growth.