Global Online Gambling Keeps Up Steady Growth

People who follow the markets will have noticed a steady growth in the markets in general. It is expected that the period between today through to 2024 the global market for online gambling will see a significant yet steady compound of an annual growth rate and some research companies placed it to go up by 11%.

Currently there are about 85 countries that are now regulating online gambling. The American Gaming Association has placed the current worth of global online gambling at a huge $37 billion annually. They state that contributions to this figure is coming from three of the states in the United States who have already legalized gambling online — Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, and its expected that more are to follow — eventually.

The Biggest Contributor

Europe is currently the biggest contributor taking the lion's share of the online gambling revenue, and the European Commission currently places the growth rate to be about $15 billion annually, and an estimated growth rate of 15%.

It us not surprisingly, the UK is Europe's strongest market. Estimates recently count that over 18 million gambling accounts are operational, and that several dozen sites are currently in full operation. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has reported that that between the years 2005 and 2009 online slots play had increased by 328%. This growth was supplemented by Poker and table games, at 26% and 52% respectively.

One of the reasons that UK poker model is favorable is because they do not fence in their players like many other countries in and out of the UK. This therefore allows the UK players to be able to play with players from many other countries on the UK-regulated platforms. It is known that countries such as France, Italy and Spain, do fence in their poker players which prevents them from playing pn international matches.

The Future Forecast

The huge growth of the online gambling market on mobile devices is thought that it would eventually sustain the changes, this is due to the easy accessibility of mobile devices which are currently providing all players it is expected that the forecasted growth will come in a large part from increasing mobile devise usage.