Cupid’s Arrow Slots

For any of you love birds out there, this game was made for you. Cupid’s Arrow has a love theme to it with all of the flowers, candy, cards, and kissing that you could want. Not only does this game have some pretty good payouts, it also has free spins and a bonus game. Spend a little time with this game and you could afford a second honeymoon with all the fixings. Play Cupid’s Arrow Slots today!

Showered with Gifts

There are several different symbols to this game. The standard symbols are kissing silhouettes, a ring in a box, a Valentine’s Day calendar page, a teddy bear, a heart that says love, a heart shaped box of heart shaped candies, a Valentine’s Day card, a heart shaped box of chocolates, a lip print, and a bouquet of roses. Most of these pay out with three or more, but some will pay out for only two. The special symbols are a heart with Bonus written on it, a cupid, and a present with a heart shaped box inside. All of these trigger different events in the game. The bonus heart will trigger the bonus game if it appears anywhere on reel two and four in the same spin. The present box scatter will trigger free spins if you three or more anywhere on the screen. During the free spins your wins are tripled. Two or more scatters anywhere will get you at least twice your bet in winnings. The wild will substitute for any of the standard symbols and doubles any combination that it is part of. With all of these symbols, you are sure to love this game, or at least the money you get from it.

A Love-ly Bonus

There is no end to the amount of money that you can win in this bonus game. As long as you keep picking the right present, you can keep on winning all the way up the pyramid. This game is really simple. There is a pyramid shaped stack of presents on the screen. Your task is to pick one from each row. When you pick one it will display a heart. This heart will either have a prize amount or it will pop out of the box and break in half. As long as you get a prize amount, you can keep playing. Get the broken heart and you head back to the reels. The totals can add up quick if you pick the right box in this game. The prizes range from a dime to over $32. With the game coming up quite often, you can be very rich, very fast.

Wedding Parlors near You

There is only one casino that offer this lovely game, it's Liberty Slots Casino is known for huge jackpots and loose slots. This game is naturally loose. With all of that going for you, there will be no choice but to win in this game. With all the money you will rake in, you could buy whatever you want for your significant other, or just buy a significant other. Who says money can’t buy love?