Doctor Love Slots

Doctor Love is a light-hearted and rather endearing video slot that is a tongue in cheek poke at 70s TV hospital dramas. It really doesn't take itself all that seriously, which is why its so entertaining to play, and the graphics bring the joke home nicely with their cartoon styling.

The soundtrack, too, is full of retro 70s stabs and jingles, particularly when Doctor Love himself makes an appearance. All in all, this is a silly, fun game to spend some time with, and it's fully featured enough to be worthwhile - there are bonus rounds, and a top possible prize of $50,000!

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Internships at Doctor Love's Shagadellic Hospital

You can pick up all of the moves you need simply by getting your hands on Doctor Love. After a few personal encounters with the game, you'll have it down pat.

The basics are simple. There are five reels, each covered with a selection of hospital related imagery. You place a bet (as low as 1c, but maximum $10) and give the reels a spin. If the symbols line up when they come to rest, you win a prize which is a multiple of whatever your bet was.

There are 20 pay lines that you can activate, each one costing one additional bet. Think of extra pay lines like a wider net: the more you activate, the bigger your chance of catching a win.

Meet the Players

Doctor Love's symbol set includes a wide range of objects used to set the scene, plus a couple of main cast members. The graphics are fresh and cartoony, with not a hint of padding.

On the lower end of the spectrum there's a stethoscope and a little bottle of heart-shaped pills, followed by a patient chart and a pair of crutches. Next up is a bouquet of get well flowers and a pink timepiece, with an ambulance and a teddy rounding out the set.

The character are worth the most, however. The Patient clocks in at 750 coins, the Sexy Nurse at 1,500, and Doctor Love himself at 5,000 coins! He's also wild, and substitutes for almost any other symbol.

Stealing Bonus Kisses

Aside from the game's 5,000 coin jackpot (worth $50,000 at max bet), there's another great way to cash in on Doctor Love. If at least 3 Love Meter symbols turn up on the reels, this launches the Free Spins feature: up to 20 free spins of the reels with all winnings tripled! Imagine hitting the jackpot during the free spins round!