Trade Dispute Between USA and Antigua May be Ending

Trade dispute between Antigua and the U.S. Might be coming to an end said Charles Fernandez, the Antigua Minister of International Trade and Foreign Affairs, he believes that the U.S. Might be ready to settle a 12-year World Trade Organization dispute. Mr Fenandez said that they were going to try see how they could move forward on the issue, he continued the they could not state publicly their strategy will be, but that there is a serious commitment on both sides to work at resolving the issue as quickly as possible. Antigua claims, when the United States shut down citizen access to the Antigua’s online gambling websites during 2003, the Antiqua’s economy was very severely impacted. The United States banned other countries from providing online gambling to their citizens, yet they continued to allow US Gaming companies to deliver their online gaming all over the world. Antiqua as not happy and they took this imbalanced trade relationship situation to the WTO and all reviews over the past years has favored Antigua. Antiqua is said to be ready to settle this long-standing dispute for a single payment of $100 million. Next week Mr Fernandez meets with US Trade Representatives.