Lottery Ticket Sales as the Gas Pumps fuels concerns About Gambling

The new Play at the Pump introduced by The California Lottery allows drivers buy up to $20 of Quick Pick lottery tickets when they pay for gas at the pump with their credit card.

Drivers in California are now able to use their Credit Cards at a gas pump pay point and leave with me than just fuel, they are able to buy lottery tickets at the same time in he same transaction.

This has sparked complaints from groups who are concerned about the continued growth in state-sponsored gambling. This is a departure from previous purchases of lottery tickets which was a cash only policy since 1985, to prevent ‘overspending by those who are poor and also overindulging by gamblers.”

The Rev. James Butler, from the California Coalition Against Gambling Expansion situated in Sacramento told our news source that with an expanded state lottery, it will continue to exploit the urban, the poor, [residents] and the ethnic minorities, he added, If this was a tax, it would prove to be the most regressive increase of tax in any state.

Alex Traverso, who is a spokesman for the California Lottery, stated that complaints, such as Butler’s, are very valid concerns, however, he continued that the state lottery has put in place controls - for the gas pump game - so ensure that people skew towards responsibility and security.

Currently the gas pump game is only available at 87 gas stations in the state, and most of them are in the Los Angels and Sacramento areas. Once the game is at 100 stations, then the State Lottery will decide what to do next.

The maximum under California Lottery Rules is players can spend daily up to $20 or maximum per week $50. Players need to produce and insert a valid drivers license or their state ID card into the pump for age verification.