Football Frenzy

Football Frenzy Slots Game is a very nice entertaining game, players get to interactive very well in the game, at the same time earn nice prizes. The game is well developed with excellent graphics that animate, you will enjoy watching and participating in the action. You don't need to be a sports lover to enjoy the game, however you will n­eed to be a slots lover to derive the full benefits of this game. Apart from the usual wilds and scatter there is a lot more to the game that meets the eye.

The Action on the Game

The game play is on five reels, and there are 50 paylines that are automatically selected, giving a wide selection of chances of winning.

Bets start with coin sizes from .05 up to 5.00 there is not choice of lines to play, its set at 50 lines autocratically.

The graphics fit the game very well done, with football stars, the referee giving a yellow card, a supprter scarf, a fotball boot, a lady supprter, a gold cup, a shield, the refs whistle and a soccer ball.

Game Modes

There are two modes of play the Striker mode, and the Lucky mode. You can switch between modes anytime you wish by clickng the blue up or down arrow next to game play mode. This effectively gives you two different slots games to play each with their own features:

In the Striker mode the Striker is the wild symbol that substitutes for other games themed symbols, except for the Stadium Scatter Symbol. The striker can also be grouped on Reels 1 and 5 during the normal play in the Striker mode, and the winnings are doubled. Three of the Stadium scatter symbols will trigger the free games feature and triples all wins.

In the Lucky feature, the Stadium symbols is also the scatter and striker the wild. If three scatters appear on the reels then 8 free spins are awarded, if 4 scatters appear on the reels then 10-25 free spins are awarded, if 5 scatters appear on the reels then 50-100 free spins are awarded. During the free spins game, the wins are not multilied but a bonus game called the Penalty Free Kick game is triggered. This game is triggered when there are 5 spinning footballs on each of the 5 reels.

The game opens on a new screen, where the player is ready to play a penalty kick, the goal keeper's job is to stop the goals. You will see 4 targets by the goal posts click on a target and the ball will head for that target, if it gets past the goalkeeper a cash award is given and a strike is recorded if the ball hits the target, if the goalkeeper manages to stop the goal, then it will be recorded at the bottom of the screen as a miss, 3 misses ends the bonus game and winnings are totaled up. Each goal scored will increase the multiplier for the wins. Starting from 2x the bet up to 100x the bet for 8 goals scored.

The Gold Bonus Ball

The Gold Bonus Ball feature is triggered in the free spins mode, if 8 goals are scored you get a chance to kick the Gold ball to win 3x the prize and get a second chance to hit a goal.

Set the autoplay

Players can set the autoplay to a number of options, then sit back and relax. The game will play itself to the number of times chosen, if the bonus games or free spins feature is hit till stop and play out the bonus, add up the wins, then resume the autospins when finished.

The bonus game where you get a chance to score goals is a great fun game, there is also a minor and major progressive jackpot that can be randomly triggered and won.