Jurassic Slots

Jurassic Slots is one big bad mother of a game - and by bad we mean AWESOME. This is a graphically rich, action packed slot that will jar you out of your seat with excitement. It seems like it's loosely based on the Jurassic Park movies, in that it contains a lot of dinosaurs and some very big guns, but in this game there's less running around shrieking and more brutal smackdowns. And cash, of course - the top prize is around $50,000, plus it has both a free spins round and a bonus mini-game. Try Jurassic Slots today by visiting your favorite Liberty Slots Casino - it's a total monster of a game.

Start Running

Playing Jurassic Slots is extremely rewarding (both financially and in entertainment value), but it's not a hard game to get to grips with. If you have experience with video slots, you're good to go, but on the off chance you're not, here's a breakdown. There are five reels, covered in images. There are 25 different possible routes from left to right - these are called pay lines, and you must play at least 1, but as many as you like. You spin the reels, and the symbols fall where they may. If matching symbols line up along one of your pay lines, you win cash. It's as easy as that.

Creature Feature

One of the best things about Jurassic Slots is that there are no card symbols in this game. In fact, there's no padding whatsoever. Every single symbol that you see in Jurassic Slots is completely unique. Expect to see Pterodactyls, Brontosauruses and of course Velociraptors, among other quite terrifying looking dinosaurs that are out to get you. You might argue that some of these are herbivores and thus unlikely to eat you, but they could still stand on you, OK? Other symbols worth having include the Helicopter (to get out of here), and the Mosquito In Amber.

Bonus as Big as a Dinosaur

The game has two discrete bonus rounds that can be triggered. The first is a mini-game that pops up when you land at least 3 Bonus Dinosaur Eggs anywhere on the reels. It's not a very tricky game, but it's worth concentrating for because if you play it right, you could manage to squeeze an extra $7,650 from it. The other bonus is a free spins feature that gets triggered whenever at least 3 of the Scatter symbols appear. Free Spins are among the most valuable bonuses because they allow you to accumulate big wins without risking a cent.