Learn the Ways of the Ninja with Naughty Ninja Slots

The name of this little game may cause some trepidation at first, but this game is really great. Naughty Ninjas is a combat scenario game where you must defend the world from invading alien monsters. These two ninja girls really kick butt on some slimy other world creatures trying to rule the planet. Throughout your alien conquest, you will be greatly rewarded with some very generous payouts for your war chest. This is a call to arms for anyone that appreciates martial arts, alien combat, or huge jackpots and constant earnings. Whenever the weapons appear, the prizes really increase. So take a spin at fighting off the alien invaders and you can get enough to fund your own army.

Naughty Ninja Slots information

Signs of a Ninja Slots

There are many different symbols of the ninja and they are pretty simple to understand in this game. You have the standard nine through ace that many different slots have but there are more. The other standard symbols are the three monsters and the unarmed ninja. The monsters are a green cyclops, a blue furred lizard, and a giant red lava monster. These three are the enemy and should be dispatched immediately after they pay you. The ninjas are easy to tell apart. Bubbles has a sword and she is wild, while the other one is wearing black and unarmed. Bubbles is the wild card and she can really get you some cash. The last symbol is the scatter. This is a ninja star that only appears on reel three. If it shows up, you will activate the re-spin mode. This makes the middle reel wild and all other reels spin. All the earnings from the re-spin are added to anything you won to get the re-spin.

Best Ninja Do-Jo

Of all the casinos that are out there, the top place is Liberty Slots Casino. This place adds to your winnings with all of their payout bonuses, promotions, and tournaments. Add that to your huge payouts from the game and you will be on your way to funding a whole army of mercenary ninjas. Or you could just keep the money and watch a Chuck Norris movie.